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Awkward Open Concept Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen Layout

Katy-Mack Davis
4 years ago

Hello everyone,

My name is Katy and here is my dilemma...

The way my living room, dining room and kitchen layout is is extremely awkward. I have no idea how to arrange furniture or even what furniture to buy. No to mention i have a floor to ceiling fireplace that is not centered, 3 doors (1 is the front door, 1 opens to garage, and 1 opens to the back yard and one wall is the hallway! i need help. I've tried on my own for almost a year and everything i have tried just is not working for me. I cant seem to get it right. I've purchased way to many couches which are either way to big or to small... I AM STARTING TO HATE THIS HOUSE AND THINK I WILL NEVER GET IT DONE! We have lived here for over a year and it looks like we still haven't unpacked. I need help with what to do as far as furniture placement and what furniture would look good and then maybe i can start putting my decorations out! PLEASE HELP! I will try to upload pics as soon as i can figure out how to truly portray in them how awkward this layout truly is.

Hope to hear some feedback on what info i give y'all to help y'all give me some advice soon! And thanks to all of you who read this.


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