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Eyed and Edged Daylilies 2023

2 months ago

Post your excellent eyed and edged daylilies here. These can be daylilies with a partial edge or a full edge. The next category will be Edge No Eye Dayliies on Thursday.

Clarification was my best performing eyed and edged daylily. It had four-way branching and bud counts in the 20s.

El Desperado put on a nice show last season.

Angels Sing Softly made a nice clump by its second year.

Tart With a Heart was one of my favorites last season. The rebloom scapes were well-budded.

Sam Abell did not do as well in 2023 as in past years, but it still made a nice clump.

Lonesome Jaguar's blooms are always attractive and open well.

Blue Eclipse on scaped on a few fans last time.

The Tribble With Blue


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