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dining to playroom conversion

Allie Arehart
3 months ago

Starting to plan converting the dining room into playroom. We currently have a small table in kitchen that we eat at daily and don’t use the dining room unless we have company over for meals - doesn’t happen that often. We have a 2 yr old and one on the way so wanting more main floor play space.
Will have to change the light fixture for sure to something closer to ceiling.
Thinking will keep the toys towards the back wall and wall where toy box is that way it’s somewhat hidden from front door - located through living room.
Then eventually want to do some diy built ins beside the fireplace in living room.
Not sure what to put on the living room side of that short wall, if anything.
Is this stupid to giving up the dining room space? Thinking we will sell the table and chairs and We can make the switch back when we have older kids.
Looking for any layout/design suggestions! Thanks!

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