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Step up/down to a playroom or dining room?

11 years ago

I'm looking into adding some elevation (if thats how you call it) inside the house such as adding steps up to a dining room/study area or steps down to a family room etc., despite the inconvenience that may create. I am wondering how much that costs approximately. If the floor plan allows, I have seen a few plans done with a higher ceiling in the family room (12ft or so) on main floor(while the rest is 10 ft) with a master suite with a sitting area right on top of the family room area where you will enter the bedroom side from the sitting area with a few steps, creating a split level within a master suite.

Or in another scenario, if I have 10 ft ceiling on the main level and just want to add steps to a certain room, assuming that room will then have a 8-9 ft ceiling (without messing the second floor plan), how much would it cost then approximately?

Would love to hear from anyone who may have done something similar!

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