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T'Day Recap: Winners, Flops, Recipes, Stories...

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

How did it go? Sure, we're thankful for the people we shared the day with and reflective about the positivity of the story vs. the errors of the past, but what we really want to know about today is the food! How did it go? Anything funny happen? Need a sympathetic shoulder for an epic fail? Did the dog steal the show? Or steal the turkey? My cousin's dog stole the carrot. A three inch purple carrot cut fell off the coffee table and rolled under the sofa, and when I came back from asking for a broom to help me find it, I found the little dog chomping away at it! At least I hope that was it, and it's not under there rotting... I think someone would have noticed if she stole it off the tray. :) How'd it go for you?

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