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Since Our Conversation Side is Slow....

17 years ago

Go check out the Conversation side at the Rose Forum. There is fur flying over there boy. People getting Disneyed left and right, mean posts, posts getting pulled daily. I think they are going to need one person just to monitor that one forum. It's like reading a soap opera script, I don't even go over there to read about roses. I just go over for the fights.

But you guys could talk to me too. Right here if you wanted. :) My garden is getting huge! The tomatoes stand almost as tall as I do, I have cauliflower and my hot peppers are bearing fruit! Hooray! I read a recipe for Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes in the paper the other day that sounds wonderful. The toms get stuffed with a feta/pine nut (and some other stuff) mixture and then baked. Oh and I planted corn. I've never done that, but the corn is gettin nice and big. I can't wait!

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