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Orchid - Roots vs. Stems?

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I received an orchid as a gift about a year ago and I transplanted it about a month or so ago. I cut the stems back just above where the previous flowers were. It is now planted in fir bark and I put it into a plastic pot with slits, then placed the whole thing into a more decorative pot as suggested here on this forum.I'm so happy I did because now it is growing something? Not sure if it is growing roots or a stem. Can someone please tell me if you can see my new growth in the photos provided? Thank you all so much for your help. I can't believe I have kept it alive for so long.

I would also like to thank James_J, Billsc and Jean for all your suggestions, tips and inspiration. I couldn't have made this happen without your help. You are all so amazing!! Thank you soooo much.

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