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Kitchen design help

3 months ago

Hello! I could really use some help with our kitchen design. We’re breaking ground next week, so need to work within this shape. I had planned for an island, but I’m now wondering if the one I had on the plan will be too awkward and deep. The more I think of it, the more I believe island seating is important to me. We currently have three children and hope to have more. Should I stick with the current island and just accept I can only put two chairs on the end? I really don’t want any of the walkways to be crowded. Or should I make the island longer, but more narrow at the end and put four stools that can be pushed in. Lastly, should I give up the island dream and do the peninsula? Our kitchen sink wall will be all windows and no uppers, so that would be a pretty view for those sitting. I would like peninsula to fit four chairs, so would a 8’ (with joining counter included) x4’ deep be a good size? That leaves 4-5’ feet in between sink and peninsula and 4’-5’ in between fridge and edge of peninsula. Thank you!

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