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I decided to buy a quart of "protective enamel" paint

16 days ago

to paint my old fridge. It was only about $17.00 at the dreaded Lowes store. lol. I had to go back today to take back 2 rolls of insulation. So I went down the paint isle to look and see what they had. I also got some disposable gloves and a little rolling kit with two extra rollers. I have to read the fine print and see if I can use it on my stove too, because I may do that also.

I just thought I really didn't want a new kitchen with that crummy old fridge in there and I don't want to shell out the money for a new one right now. Anyone have any ideas on what to do about the bottom grate? I doubt I can find a replacement as it was made in January of 1995. It looks really bad. I never cared after it broke off but with a new kitchen, I might. Maybe glue a piece of wood trim to the bottom painted the same color as the fridge? Would that work?

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