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Being pleased when something "breaks" Floofish Floofery.

3 months ago

Growing up, the bathroom we kids used in my parents house had a shower head that had UNREAL water pressure. It was the best. We used to joke that if you did not brace yourself before stepping into the shower, it would slam you against the opposite wall. Well, of course I moved out and no other shower head has that sort of pressure. I got used to it, as one does.

Well, the other day, I stepped into the shower and was ASSAILED by a tsunami! The pressure regulator in the shower head is clearly malfunctioning. I so was happy! FINALLY a satisfactory stream of water! I do not care if it "broken." And I am NOT replacing it. I love it. A lovely scalp massage every morning before bed. Bliss.

On the same note, if any of you remember my "DIY doofus" thread, its kind of the same thing. Was I thrilled that I had a horrible sewer smell in my house? Not at all. But was I happy for an excuse to replace one of the tired old toilets that came with the house? Absolutely! In the end, it wasn't the toilet itself that was causing the problem, but it was a great excuse to replace it while it was removed to fix the underling issue. It worked okay but but was just really old and annoying. I got a beautiful black one to replace it, with a matching bidet. And with that came the satisfaction of hearing SO say that I was right, as he originally thought I was nuts for ordering a black toilet. Also, the faucet in that bathroom was leaking. You had to do a weird little ritual when turning it off to get it to not leak. Well, as long as I had BIL there, lets replace that too! I let SO pick that out without my opinion involved. It is a matte black waterfall faucet. While not what I would have picked (it looks like an alien creature to me) I am happy to get a new one. The old one was grating my nerves.

Same thing a few years ago with the fridge. The one that came with the house was a side by side. I HATE those. They are weird and inconvenient. Things often got lost and forgotten in the lower shelves. I could not store anything large like a birthday cake or a pizza box. I HATED IT. Was I happy to have to shell out $5500 for a new one? No. But I would be lying if I said I was not SLIGHTLY giddy when it started to go out and the prospect of a new, not annoying fridge was on the horizon. Got a black stainless steel french door, with 2 freezer drawers on the bottom. SO much easier to clean and keep organized. Thing is though, like with most things, if it was still working fine, I would just deal with it.

Yes, I suppose that I can replace things I do not like, but it is not really something I consider doing as long as whatever it is still works. Or works well enough anyway. I do not like to create waste like that. Also, I am not rolling in money. But, I can do a little happy dance when things break, so I can replace them with something I like. Or, in the case of my shower head, enjoy the malfunction.

Do you have any examples of such in your own home?

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