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Please help! I need to break my lease

16 years ago

Hello, I rented an apt in the 4th street area of Long Beach, CA which is turning into a nightmare in the two months I have been here. I feel so desperate, and I don't know what I can do.

First off, during a recent heavy rain I found out the breakers are old and outdated.. plus my electric is wired to the upstairs neighbor's apt... why I do not know. I called and had it put in my name, and the Edison tech told me this information.

The breakers went out three times very late one rainy night between 2 am and 3:30 am. I am a single female, and this was very scary for me. The building is a four-plex, and my unit is the bottom back unit. It does have safety bars installed.

Reason number two: There is a common area between my building and another four-plex very close next door.. we share the same back entry, and my kitchen, alcove and bathroom windows face that building... as well as my back door.

The neighbors next door have many kids ranging in age from 5 to about 14. I was told that there were kids around and that sometimes they "play" there.

Well if you call four 14 year old boys throwing a soccer ball full force at my windows and kitchen door for 2 hours every day. It sounds like rattling sonic booms. I feel as thou I am holed up in a city that is being bombed and attacked and my space is totally being invaded and will never be respected.

I asked them firmly and nicely to please stop throwing the ball at my windows because they might break and they looked at me very hostile like, but said " sorry" then started again. I have been cursed at numerous times, and the garden I was going to plant next to the kitchen door is now a absurd fantasy.

I don't think their family speaks english and I do not want to get involved in a neighbor dispute with these people as I do not know what they may be capable of doing to me. They sit on my steps and block the entrance, park a motorcycle in front of the trash cans in such a way that makes it hard to get the bin out to the street on garbage day.

I am in recovery from Leukemia in 2005, and I need a safe place to live. This is not it. I haves friends stay over as often as possible here now because of all this.

My landlord actually seems like a understanding and fair person, who is unaware of this having bought the building recently, and I am wondering how best I might approach him with this, so I can look elsewhere.

O I do not feel ok calling the Police on these people. I value my life, so that is not an option. If I get a judge to say I have gone insane because of asll this can I get out of the lease? lol- did I mention I am at my wits end, and this is not good for my health.


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