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Bending chainsaw teeth on 70 year old mulberry?

5 months ago

A couple of years ago, severe winds brought down what was a mulberry that was already probably dead. It was there when the house was sold in 1967.

I've been poking at it with an 80v kobalt chainsaw (andto my surprise, it does seem to have the power of a 50cc that it claims).

Anyway, a couple of days ago, it suddenly kicked, threw the chain, and stopped.

Running the chain threw the blade, there is a particular link that seems stuck, not sliding through nicely.

I ordered a pair of chains that arrived today, and went back to work. And after a while, it threwthe chain, and once again, i seemed to have a recalcitrant link.

I haven't measured, but by eyeball those teeth do look a little bent.

Can i simply hold them in a vise or vise-grip and use slipjoint pliers to bend them back a bit?

ANd what can be causing this? (the ancient core?)

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