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ISO flooring advice for 1907 Craftsman basement complete redo

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago


We're in the process of digging out our basement (more like a lower level than full basement- a few steps down from street level) and finishing it.

Part of it will be a separate apartment, the living areas and bedroom of which we are planning on using Gem Core flooring on (is that a good idea?). The other will be part of the main house with a primary suite, office and foyer area. For that part, we are not sure what flooring to get. We had decided on wood looking tile but I was never sold on the tile idea: it seems cold to me and I just think we can do better...

Upstairs is red oak (and traditional with picture rail etc - it's a 1907 craftsman) and we want to go more modern downstairs. I was thinking grey or very light to brighten as much as possible. The bathroom, powder room and laundry closet will all have anthracite tile.

Things we care about: eco-friendly and healthy, durable (we have cats), comfy, good looks to boot and at least decently budget-friendly.

What would y'all do? Bamboo? Engineered hardwood? Cork (I assume not with cats)? Polished concrete? Something else entirely? Any specific brands?


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