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Boo Baskets?

2 months ago

This past Saturday, I put up my Halloween display at work. It took all 12 hours. I added some new things, and the stuff I do every year takes a long time to put up anyway, so the added stuff just added more labor and time.

A couple of my friends from another department came over a few times to help when they had a break from their tasks. Total they probably spent about an hour and a half total helping me, and it was HUGE help. They helped with the most arduous tasks, wrapping the walls and they helped start clipping the net lights to the ceiling.

To thank them, I wanted to make them some "boo baskets." Basically Halloween themed gift baskets. I need ideas. I have already ordered some cutesy Halloween tumblers, socks and earrings. I need some ideas for other small Halloween themed things to use basically as filler. I always and already have sent a giant bowl full of candy and snacks for their department to share, and I make sure to include the favorite treats of those two people specifically, so food items probably will not be included, unless I find some sort of fancy specialty things I think they would like. I know one of them much better than the other, but I do not want to ask that one what the other one might like, because I want the boo baskets to be a surprise treat.

Any ideas?

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