update: partners tropical cacti succulent or anything grows!!!

12 years ago

How is everyone? Hope everyone is great! I never thought I would be back. Thank you everyone for being patient! And for the kind words. I mean that!

Well we have another winner!

Congratualations, Nancy (retsec), for being the 10th person to join! Remember that one? lol...Finally a winner for that one!!! I will be mailing your prize out soon!!!

Josie was a close guess for kitty's name J*O* are correct for the first 2 letters. So keep guessing hehehe!

Bengal and burmese were great guesses I would have guessed those right off. So the full breed doesn't start with 'B'. The half breed starts with 'B' I will post pictures maybe this will help get some more winners!! Thank you all for guessing!

Peoples List:

1. divahethr / heather

2. ladygreensleeves / Regina

3. rosepedal / Barb

4. dieg01991 / Amy

5. bigmama4ever / Norma

6. ginibee / Ginny

7. debbya / Deb

8. wanna_run_faster / Helen

9. gardencraze / Carmen

10. retsec / Nancy

Partners list

heather sends to Ginny

Ginny sends to Amy

Amy sends to Carmen

Carmen sends to Nancy

Nancy sends to Regina

Regina sends to Heather

Barb sends to Helen

Helen sends to Norma

Norma sends to Deb

Deb sends to Barb

It was a little hard pairing everyone up I tried to to match partners with requests and to not repartner people who have already sent to each other. If anyone has an issue with partners email me privately maybe we can work it out. I swear everytime I tried to partner I got myself lol. I would count and there was only 9 people where is the 10th ohhh me dummy! Then I would have to start over. We got home last night at 3am I showered and went to work and came home and worked on the partners I haven't slept. I really hope there isn't a faux pas somewhere here!!!

I wanted to get this post out I know that everyone is anxious to get going I will neaten it up soon. I haven't even went out and looked at the garden after 5/6 days!!!



flapjacks kalanchoe calous cuttings

euphorbia spiralis cristata

thimble cactus mammilaria gracilis fragilis

euphorbia anoplia tanzania zipper plant

euphorbia flanaganii cristata 'green coral'

pachyveria 'blue pearl'


aloinopsis schoonesii

lithops stone faces

echeveria nodula

mexican sedum

rainbow bush elephant portulacaria afra variegata

graptoveria opalina

sedeveria sorrento

split rock living rock

kalanchoe 'chocolate soldier'

silver quill

opuntia beavertail prickly pear

opuntia humifusa prickly pear

string of pearls

string of bananas

rex begonia 'red tango'

dragon wing begonia

silver green begonia

angel wing begonia

miss muffet caladium

aaron caladium

yucca filamentosa

moses in the cradle

venus heuchera

purple iceplant

veronica waterperry speedwell

black potato vine

light green potato vine

henna coleus

sedona coleus

white moonflower datura inoxia

asiatic lilies

fittonia white brocade

tradescantia oyster plant

dwarf pomegranate 'nana'

purple orchid tree




colorful foliage plants

anything I don't have not picky



ladygreensleeves / Regina


Aeonium "Catlin Hybrid"

Sebervivum Arachnoideum cv. 'Cebenese' "Cobweb"

Ric-Rac Cactus Crytocereus Anthonyanus-cuttings

Epiphyllum Oxypetulum Queen-of-the-Night cuttings

Epiphyllum Guatamelense Monrose-Curly leaf Epi-baby starts

Epiphyllum "Hidden Treasure" - small cutting

Epiphyllum "Sol MacDonaldiae" - small cutting


Skyvine Thunbergia grandiflora- rooted cuttings!

Lady Margaret Passion flower- cuttings

Schfflera- will become trees

Mandevilla-yellow-rooted cuttings!

Purple Potatoe Vine "Blackie"- Rooted

Elephant Ears

Walking Iris-yellow

Song-of-India Dracenea- cuttings

Angel Trumpet Brugmansia White- cuttings

Datura Moonflower Innoxia- plant

Datura Purple People Eater- very small plant

Queen palms- small young 2 yr. olds


Spiderplants - green and varigated

Devil Pothos-cuttings w/roots

Episcia-small plantlets that root easily

Lipstick varigated - cuttings



Dracaena verigated noid can use in or around the pond



My Wants:

String-of-Pearls....really want this

Burros Tail.....really want

Rat Tail Cactus......really want

Rhipsalis I don't have

Scented Geraniums



Gold Fish Plant

Hoya's....really want


Walking Iris - yellow





Coccinia Quinqueloba cutting forms caldex root in water

Centradenia cascade rooting small cutting

Abuliton Thompsonii cuttings with nubs forming

Patchouli oil cuttings

Lipstick vine cutting

Spotted pothos cuttings

Angel wing begonia cutting

Var pepperomia cuttings

Frosted jade Plectrancnthus coleoides


Charmed wine

Iron cross

Fancy leaf geraniums cuttings

Crystal palace

Happy thought

Raspberry ripple geranium cutting

Perr geraniums


orchid blue

claridge druce

Coleus cuttings

Alabama sunset

Dapple apple


Coco loco


Dipt in wine

Stained glassworks needlepoint

Splish splash

Kingswood torch

Fishnet stockings


Scented geraniums cuttings

Chocolate mint

Lemon fizz

Sweet mimosa

Var. Fair ellen



Fragrant freddy

Lady plymouth

Small rooted apple scented geranium plant

Heurcheras plants


Purple palace

Silver scrolls


Ruby bells

Dianthus brillancy plant

Dwarf blue cadet hosta

Northern maiden hair fern

Raspberry wine bee balm

Mandevilla laxa seedling

Mexican oleander seedling

crinum mushroom plant hahahha

lillium formosa seedling plant

Penta pink plant

Sun goddess brugmansia cutting

Charles grimaldi brugmansia cutting

My wants named succelents or other named tropicals.





Aeonium zwartkop

Aloe vera

aloe Zanzibar

Arrow vine

Asparagus Fern

Basket plant (Callisia fragrans)

Bloodleaf Variegated 'Iresine herbstii'

Borro's tail (Sedum morganianum) (small clump)

Canna lily (green leaf w/red flowers)

Canna lily (burgundy leaf w/red flowers)

Chinese Evergreen (solid green leaves)

Chinese Evergreen, Painted Drop-Tongue

Christmas cactus (hot pink and white flowers)

Christmas cactus (solid hot pink flowers)

Cuban oregano variegated (cuttings)

Double Purslane 'Fairytale Cinderella' (Portulaca) - cuttings


Magenta Dracaena

purple iresine


Flowering Maple seedlings (white flower)

Fuchsia 'Shadow Dancer Betty"

Graptopetalum pentandrum superbum (succulent)

Ivy (large green leaf)

Ivy (small green leaf)

Jade Plant (green)

Kalanchoe (Mother of Thousands - red flowers) - cuttings

Lipstick plant (red flowers)

Nephthytis "cream allusion"

Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea)

Pathos (variegated)

Peperomia species (NOID)

Polka Dot Plant

Pregnant onion

Purple Queen

Rabbits foot fern (cuttings)

Spider Plant (green)

Spider Plant (variegated - white center w/green mottling)

Succulent NOID (purple-ish green with white hair)

Swedish Ivy

Yucca NOID (grown from seeds I collected in Las Vegas a few years back)

Wandering jew (purple & silver)

Wandering jew (green)


Aeoniums any (I only have Zwartzkop)



Cast iron plant


Corkscrew vines

Croton Banana Codiaeum

Croton "Lauren's Rainbow"

Croton "Gold Star"

Foxtail Fern 'Meyersii' (Asparagus densiflorus)

Guppy plant

Lemon Lime dracaena

Lipstick plant (orange flowers)

Orchid cactus

Peperomia (Emerald Ripple)

Peperomia "Isabella" clusiifolia

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

Pitcher plant

Pony Tail fern

Rosary Vine

Spider plant (the one with curly leaves)

String of Pearls

Succulents (especially purple, variegated or other non-green ones)

Variegated African Violets

Variegated Lipstick Plant

Variegated monstera

Variegated/streaked Basket plant (Callisia fragrans)

variegated purple queen

Venus Fly Trap


Cactus (zone 4 hardy)

buddha belly plant

I need to get to bed now, I'm exhausted. Talk more later




haves (tons of pictures)

a kitchen sink of cuttings succulents


coleuses caladiums tropicals

Bananas begonias





Hoyas - about a dozen varieties, but I don't know the names as they are from NOID cuttings. Can send pictures.

Lipstick plant - big with orange, smaller with red blooms

Nematanthus - Goldfish plant 'black gold'

Callisia fragrans - Variegated basket plant

Pereskia bleo - orange cactus rose

Oxalis Triangularis - Big purple leaves

Spider plants - Bonnie, Hawaiian, regular variegated

Gingers - Costus woodsonii dwarf, Shell (rhizomes), Hedychium (rhizomes) - NOIDS - maybe Gardnerianum, Kewense or Luna. Have had all, but none are blooming and they've been shifted around.

Cannas - Indica type - tall red and tall orange

Aptenia cordifolia - red baby sun rose groundcover

Passion vine - 'Lady Margaret' (not sure if rooted)

Thunbergia Battiscombeii - Blue vine/shrub

Jatropha podigrica - Buddha belly

Jasmine sambac - not sure which one

Cassia tree - don't know variety

Crinum bulbs - light pink

Amaryllis bulb - not blooming now - so NOID

Barleria micans - giant shrimp plant

Begonia odorata - white blooms

Justicia brandegeana - shrimp plant 'fruit cocktail'

Dianella tasmanica - variegated flax lily

LA iris - purple blooms

Walking iris - yellow, blue/white, tall purple

Cuttings -

Assorted crotons - lots of varieties

Firespike - 4 varieties - red, purple, lavender, and magenta

Aloysia virgata - sweet almond bush

Chaste tree - variegated

Pedilanthus tithymaloides 'Variegatus' - Devil's backbone

Coleus - several but most NOIDS

Allamanda - 'cherries jubilee'

Plumeria pudica - evergreen, white blooms

Aglaia odorata - Chinese perfume bush

BowTie vine

Elephant Ears - Colocasia 'coal miner', lime zinger (small)

(the EE above are plants not cuttings)

Looking for:

Bamboo - clumping type

Crinums - white or any I don't have

Cannas - dwarf pink or red

Epiphylium - any day blooming orchid cactus

Croscosmias - red or yellow (have orange)


Brug - double white

Begonia - Caribbean corsair and Nelumbefolia, tall red cane

Iceplant groundcover z9 except 'baby sun rose'

Agave hesperaloe - yellow

Red Porterweed

Ruttya - pink

but would like any tropical or butterfly plant I don't have



Helen WRF


Coleus - pink, small leaf - named (sorry I have to check my list)

String of bananas

Begonia - various angel wings

Plumerias - unnamed but pretty or unusual, some named, also plumeria pudica

Heliconias - named (if I can find the tags!)

Maybe a small grand nain banana, or an ice cream

3 different dragon fruits

Frosty pink brug cuttings

Hedychium sherry baby

Cuttings barbados cherry

cuttings night blooming jasmine

cuttings stephanotis floribunda

small cutting vanilla orchid

hedychium flavum

crepe ginger

ginger - forgot name - red cones on end - indian head maybe?

epiphyllum - day bloomer - forgot color - have picture

Cuttings hoyas (some named, some unnamed)

1 small white Bird of paradise's (hopefully it survived! I transplanted this past weekend)

Misc bromeliads - mainly sun / part sun achemia (sp?)



Geraniums - esp. fancy leafs, scented

Spider lillies

LA Irises

Blue & white walking iris

bridal veil (clerodendron?)

Criniums - esp pink or varig.


Wrightia religiosa

Osmanathus fragrans (tea olive)

Rondelettia splendens

Africian Violets - esp dwarf's, trailing

Begonia Nelumbefolia, other unusual leaves

Neo type broms

WRF / Helen


Deb / Debbya


Neil's Key West

Neil's Matthew

Neil's Sassy

Neil's Minnesota

Moonlit Velvet

Neil's New Orleans

Neil's King Arthur

Leyla Blue

Neil's Betty Jean

Neil's Jammin

Neil's Osage

Bristol's Ida Wanna

Neil's Harvest Moon

Neil's Ruby

Neil's Danica


Neil's Magic


Cloud Nine

Candy girl

Blushing Bride

Maasans White


"Barbara Jane"

trailing Violet- I'll give you a few leaves to propagate, babies appear with in weeks after

planting leaf, repot when babies are dime sized.

This violet trails (has multiple crowns) and fills a pot really nicely.

Optunia Cactus pads- grow outdoors or in pots, survives outdoors/Chicago winter year after year! Unrooted freshly cut pads. My cactus garden is in bloom now (yellow blooms) and the cactus multiply quickly. Pads root with in a week or two. Place directly in soil or ground.

Jade, regular

Mini Jade (Baby jade)

will send fresh cuttings from either/both Jades

Burrow tail (Fresh cuttings) have it in a hanging basket, very lush fat little tails!

Old Woman cactus pup (still attached to the parent plant, will be freshly seperated before shipping) few inches big. Lightly hairy.

2- taller skinny cactus (thorns look like little spiders crawling) little larger than a finger. Several years old, 7 approx.

2 small tiny baby cactus grown from seed, very small, 3 years old.

Yucca, white baby (growing in between my cactus garden and needs to be removed ASAP) small, but established. Baby...

Hoya publicalyx cutting, freshly cut from the plant. The hoya divided into a few clumps, will send one unrooted clump. Roots directly in soil, might have 5 leaves (approximate).


looking for

'm always looking for- named african violets, hoyas, unique vining/basket plants, Orchids. Really anything! ;)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Carmen Carmen / gardencraze

hibiscus cuttings

peacock ginger tubers

wandering jew cut.

tibouchina cut.

arrow vine

english dogwood cut.

bromiliad no id

devil spine cut.

corol bell

joy weed

sanseveria plectranthus emerald lace

ice plant pink

mother of thousands

stopelia nobalis

crown of thorns red

fl. wild fern

lady finger banana

red passion flwr

red rosmary cut.

nun orchid spothoglotis tropical punch

epidendrum radican

pink day lily

4'o'clocks pink culantro seed

plumeria pink

naked lady lily

staghorn bleeding heart

My want list


any dalilies


any suculents


black bamboo







night blooming cereus

bowiea volobilis

disocactus flagelliformis



Nancy retsec


white and purple bleeding heart vine,

hidden ginger,

white butterfly ginger,

pine cone ginger,

unknown variegated ginger,

bengal tiger canna,

yellow/orange canna,

black eyed susie vine,

red spider lilies,

red and yellow crown of thorns cuttings,

red/coral shrimp plant,

yellow shrimp plant,

prayer plant,

swiss cheese plant,

green and white wandering jew,

kitten ear jew,

purple and gray jew,

green wandering jew,

swedish ivy,

goldfish plant,

night blooming cactus,

rick rack cactus,

mother of thousands

, hen and chicks green

, pony tail palm,

texas star hibiscus,

luna blush hibiscus,

aloe vera,

tricolor sedum,

mother in law tongue,

mexican petunia,

red candy apple iceplant,

elephant sedum

, coral reef sedum,

pink pursalane,

double yellow/pink pursalane,

spiral staircase sedum

, variegated tropical hibiscus,

kerria japonica rose double yellow

, red/coral honeysuckle cuttings,

silver squill, cast iron plant,

drummonds pink phlox

, christmas cheer sedum,

pink abelia cuttings,

curly leaf begonia,

different unnamed begonias,

blue hydrangea, o

ld cactus (makes yellow flower)

, unnamed sedum and succelents

, red hot poker lily


yellow spider lily,

variegated candy apple ice plant,

cajun hibiscus,

mosquito plant,

variegated mosquito plant,

mandarin plant,

pink lily of the valley,

walking iris,

pineapple lily other that white,

desert rose,

yellow butterfly bush

, sedums and succelents I don't have,

blood lily,


variegated lipstick plant,

begonias I don't have

Nancy retsec

Comments (149)

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Sounds great Nancy! Yes we could hold sign ups for a while that would make it drawn out with shipping in Sept? I potted up a bunch of plants today and am gonna start some more cuttings tommorow.... Yippe another neighborhood swap Oh and I took a baby LA PAZ Hippie bulb and planted her up to share....I love babies..:)

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Amy we posted at the same time.. :)

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    Goodmorning Everybody ! :) I heard from my swappers last night...:))) Mariann I have a couple of surprizes for you...We love putting surprizes in our boxes Regina started it.. Chell you are so creative and your writing is so much fun to read... I bet the boys loved playing pirate.. I can see their smiling faces now...What a great idea to make a hideout.. They will always remeber their hideout mom made for them... Norma I havent traded with you but I am sure you went way above in sending her nice cuttings..I seen pics of what you send...They are awesome boxes..:)) Please dont be sad..:)) Regina howdy :) I am so sorry about Mark having to have surgery and the heart condition would just send me into heaven.. Wow I am so glad to read it all went well...Shooo My heart sank for a minute...He will be all healed for college this fall..:)) You empty nester dont go through what I went through...Stay busy and call them alot... I miss my kids so much it hurts sometimes... Dogs are okay but they cant replace our true babies...I love reading about chell and her boys... It makes me smile so much... Frances lol You poor gardener..ahhah You need a break from mother nature..Really..:)) Oh big snakes yucky... I would be screaming... I love chippies...They are so cute...Havent had many around with a cat now...Kiki has brought home two gardener snakes...He was very proud of himself... Yesterday I was getting ready to go out and play in the dirt...The crows or blackbirds were screaming...It just like a scene in the movie the "birds"... It creeped me out really bad...I couldnt see what they were yelling at.. I watched tv...Than got bored and went coleus The master gardener sale for the next county over is tommorow... I cant wait to see what they are going to be offering..I have never been to this one...Oh I almost forgot..I heard from the master gardener I met...Looks like we are building another She wants to do it closer to fall since everyone is busy with their gardens...I am glad we could help her..They are a pain to build.. well I gabbed enough lol must be the strong coffee and I got a lot of sleep...:)) Have a good day everybody..Barb
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  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    bigmama, we posted at the same time! So what do you guys mean when you say that we're supposed to use ties to cover the paper? I didn't follow that! :-) I used to use tape to secure the plastic over my wet paper towel (around the root ball). Now I use rubber bands. I hope that works great. But, those of you who have received plants from me lately, feel free to give me feedback!

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I am so jealous of all of your zones!! It's even a bit warmer where you live Barb! You lucky ducks!!! Our first frost is around Sept 15th (I hate to even think about it!) and our last frost is around May 10th.

    BOOOOO!!! I need to move somewhere warmer!!!

  • divahethr
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I like the press and seal wrap when I have some lol. I guess we mail before Sept 15 Then we will be in the tropical bulbs and seeds heheh. My husband was watching 'Flatliners" when I got home today and that lady that Kevin Bacon picked on when he was a kid her greenhouse was as big as a house at least it seemed like it . I was like are you paying attention to my husband. lol Happy Friday!!

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I received a swap one time the tape was so hard to get off I actaually had to get out the scizzors to cut it off... Wasnt part of our swap happened along time ago... That was why I was laughing.... I am glad we talk to each other...I need to get some of that press n seal..I really like it.. regina used it and nancy and the plants were so happy..:)

    Lol Heather be careful of what you wish for just another house to have to keep clean.. Actually it is so much work too..:) But a great hobby...:) Happy friday to you all...

    Amy that bites sept 15? Really, that is so early... Do you all see it that early? It is neat to learn about America and others gardeners area....

  • retsec
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Amy, I could do a side trade with you now so you can be sure to have an August swap.

  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    That is a very pretty banana!
    SEPT 15!!!! that is early! I had to go and look at a map. You live further north than I did in Canada! (except for that time I lived in Northern Alberta, Zone 1 brrrr)

    Good luck with the job Barb!!!

    Fall and Winter are my best gardening times! Fewer bugs, softer ground and no heat! This summer it has been wet and muggy all summer! It is an improvement over hot and dry, but the bugs have been brutal and the blackspot relentless!!! The happy watered trees have now shown me just how little sun there is in my yard! probably have a bumpercrop of acorns this year (which means a squirrel population explosion next year) ooohh well :(

    I think I can do a September swap (October-November is probably better) but I don't really want any tropicals at this time of year (especially not HOUSEPLANTS) can't imagine what I have that anyone here would want!!! my tropicals are pretty HO-HUM compared with all you tropical DIVAS maybe I'll just sit by the sidelines and drool!

    Ha ha ha

    Hope you all have a wonderful day! Its raining here again!!!


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Goodmorning we all need to pitch in and buy Amy a gh..Boo that is such a long winter to go through.. Love your pics Frances..Do I see coco loco...Look at her grow...Frances I got to know, lol which coleus is that one in front of coco loco green leaf with black in the middle? That is going on my wish list.. Your bruggie and hibiscus are beautiful... I think that is a hibiscus? It is raining here today..Now it is a cold AND wet pattern..hahahha Another anything goes swap in the neighborhood including tropicals?

  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I have no idea what that coleus is! Michelle sent it to me in the "Surplus" swap! I have tons and tons of coleus needing trimming!!! She sent me a dozen (or so) coleus cuttings! Some of them were very exotic looking. Between those, coco loco and the ones I grew from seeds I ended up with 4 or 5 big pots of pretty folliage! (gave some to my MIL too!)

    That hibiscus is YUMMY!!!! I was a bit disapointed at first, I had my heart set on a peachy coloured one (the buds are sort of pink and the plant was labelled as 'apricot frills') but it won me over!

    My brugs are all setting new buds, 2 weeks of neglect didn't harm them, but they are a bit behind on their buds. My yellow from last year has just set its first "Y"s. I really have to make some choices about next year's plants! They do grow back and flower from the roots, but it's slow like 'MOLasses' HA HA HA

    Gotta run weeding in the rain (much easier, even if it does leave you feeling all clammy)


  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND at the end of the RAINBOW!!!


    I laughed outloud when I saw this yesterday, took about a hundred shots trying to get it right and still had to do a little editing to get it to show up in the photo....

    ha ha ha

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi all,
    Wow, I fell behind on the posts.

    Thanks Heather. I could do bulbs in Sept/Oct for sure. I might be able to do plants into October, but I really have to watch the weather, every year is so different. We can get our fist snow in Oct. :-( I will definitely keep up with the group and do as many trades as I can this fall/winter. I've been collecting seeds like crazy getting ready for our seed swap next spring!!

    Barb, Sept 15th is our AVERAGE first frost date, they say that we can get our first frost any time between Sept 1-30. It usually doesn't get bad until closer to the end of the month - every year is different though. I have a ton of old sheets that I use to cover as much as I can in the gardens. It's such a big job! I also have to drag all of my pots in at night and then I put them back out in the mornings...ugh. I have to watch the weather every night. If it's going to be below 40, I don't chance it and get to work to cover/bring in everything. I hate September, it's the worse month of the year for me, so depressing. The first few frosts are usually pretty light (which will kill only the most tender plants). It all comes in phases. Some stuff will die right away, then other stuff will need a much harder frost. I usually give up with the sheets and bring all my pots in by the end of Sept. Last year we had broccoli until Halloween, everything else was long gone and my gardens were totally cleaned out...weird! Barb, when is your first frost usually?

    "...we all need to pitch in and buy Amy a gh" - Barb, LOL!! How about you all pitch in and buy me a plane ticket instead! :-) J/K You're so funny!

    Nancy, I would love to do a side trade with you! Thanks for the offer. I saw your email this morning and I will reply to that next.

    Frances, your pictures are so beautiful!! What is your secret to getting your brugs to flower? I have 7 or 8 and none of them are showing any signs of blooming! I have been fertilizing like a mad woman!! Too much?? A few of them have spider mites - spider mites in the SUMMER!?!?! Good lord, it's going to be a loooooong winter. I'm already preparing my self that I will lose them all to spider mites this winter. :-( Barb, you're going to have to tell me again how to get them to go dormant. I do that with my plumie every winter otherwise it's always infested w/spider mites or white flies.

    your rainbow picture is so cool!! Is that your cute house at the end of it? Looks like a picture out of a magazine!!

    It is really interesting to read about everyone's challenges around the country! I hear so many say that they hate summers and can't trade during the summer because it's too hot! We only have about 4 (if we're lucky) months where I can put my plants safely outside. I love summers, I wish I lived someplace where it was always summer! :-) We hope to move some day.

    Hope you're all having a great weekend. I am going to get out in the gardens and play all afternoon! Yippie!!


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Everybody !

    Thank you Deb :) I just got the box of wonderful plants just now... Thank you for Mr. Arizona... He is a treasure! I could never part with him at all being ten years old...Oh thank you so much I just love him and he will be spoiled I promise... I am so excited to see another plant that reminds me of home..He will have a special spot..:) Now to name him.... Any ideas

    Deb spoiled me you all and her plants are perfect! Great packing! :)

    Here are the plants she spoiled me with.:)

    Streps Yahoo

    Neils Sassy
    Neils orange
    Neils Majic
    Neils Jammin this name cracks me and makes me smile!

    Neon philo
    Baby jade
    Fuzzy jew
    Burrow tail :) I have been wanting this for a long time
    Outdoor optunia huge!
    A couple unknown cool succelents huge!

    Here is a pic of my new baby...Anybody want to name him? I just love everything Deb..Thank you for a great box...

  • gardencraze
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi amy, I sent you an email
    let me know when you want to move to Florida I'll help you out hehe. in about a year you'll probly want to go back, tooooo hot.

    Hi everybody, I love to read about all the different things we go thru for the love of plants. It's kinda funny
    We have our challenges in the south, heat, bugs,disease,plant loving critters ERRRRR.LOL Sometimes I don't want to ever plant another thing, for about two minutes LOL then I'm out there again.

    Frances what a cute house and those pics are great.

    I have lots of tropicals if anybody wants to trade. My list needs update.

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Wow Barb, Deb did spoil you! I need some of those Streps! LOL! Oh, and Neon Philo?!?! That's been on my list forever!! So jealous of the optunia too!! Lucky lady!!

    Ok ladies, I need your help here. I just took some pictures of a plant that I grew from a seed that I received in our Tropical seed swap this spring. I had a few rogue seeds floating around in the envelope and one of them grew. It actually grew really fast! Here's a picture of the plant and a closer image of the leaf. It's not showing any signs of flowering. I would love an id on this so I know whether how to care for it. It seems to love the full sun and I have been putting fertilizer in it and, as you can see, it's very happy. (sorry for the large images, but I wanted you to be able to see the details)

    Also, here's a picture of my baby banana. do you think it's ready to be separated from the mother? It's about 8+ inches tall... (also, does anyone know the ID of the succulent at the bottom? lol)


  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    lol Amy
    That is my little house at the end of the rainbow.... you wouldn't believe how hard it was to get it to show up on the picture! it was fun!

    I am no expert when it comes to Brugs, but I can tell you spider mites have (still are) a big problem this year, I think it is the rain and unrelenting humidity, I can't seem to shake them!

    As far as I can tell you cannot rush the bloom, each plant will set 'Y's in its own time. As soon as they do you will have a BUD explosion. The only thing I do is feed weekly and remove all shoots that grow out from the trunk below the crown. I don't know if this is common but it is what I do. (seems a shame to waste perfectly good plant energy on shoots that are unlikely to produce flowers) I avoid folliar feeding (MiracleGro) not good in my climate. But I will feed it with whatever is in the feeder when it is time for food! It doesn't seem too picky, as long as there is lots of food!

    Good luck with them, I saw an article in B&B where someone up north had Brugs blooming indoors in the winter! LOOK MA NO GH!

    Have a great evening and good luck with your bruggies!


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Lol Frances I should have said cuttings... Not plants above... No gh needed for them bruggies Amy just keep them off the floor in wintertime in the basement... Cut em down and only a little bit of water on occasion... Sorry for not answering you... I had to look it up..hhahahah I was Busy dealing with new cuttings to pot up...

    I seen Sept 15 for us too..Boo hoo that is too early..Thank goodness for a gh!! I would go crazy without it.... I dont know3 how you do it all winter! Harsh winters and all :)

  • gardencraze
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    LOL Amy, That looks like Jack and the bean stalk to me LOL
    That plant sure does look heathy, I be tempted to make a salad with those juicy leaves.hehe

    Amy if you have to to cut that baby make sure you cut as close as you can from the mama. I've cut even smaller then that and its done great.

  • divahethr
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Lol that is some mystery plant, Amy. I'm wondering if it's some kind of allamanda or rubber malay vine though the leaves look more roundy. I was hoping it was mucuna but that would look like bean leaves and those are sure some thick looking leaves. You got a new house plant hehe. We sure did get a lot of cool seeds in that swap.

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    You guys crack me up!! The last 4 messages started with "Lol", Love it!

    Heather, what did Jack do again? Did he climb the beanstalk and get the golden goose? Oh boy, I can't wait for that part!!! LOL! Thanks for the guesses, I don't think it's any of those. I looked them up and your right, the leaves don't look quite right.

    I keep waiting for it to flower but it just keeps growing taller and taller. (hey, that rhymes) :-)


  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    P.S. Thanks for the info on the brugs ladies! Frances, good idea to pinch off the extra growth! I am going to do that. (I do that with my tomatoes too). I'm also going to try forcing them to go dormant this winter and see how that works. I'll put them in the same place as my plumie. BTW, does anyone have any advice on how to get a plumie to bloom!?! I've had mine about 8 years now and it flowered right after I got it, and then it got buds a few years ago but those just rotted off before they opened (so sad!!).Help, I'm so bad at this!!


  • ginibee
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi ladies,

    I haven't been on for awhile and boy has everybody been busy!! Got the new swap already going (I'm still getting over the last one). How do you all manage 2 or 3 RR swaps at the same time? I'm afraid I'd send the wrong plant to the wrong person.

    Frances - love your house at the end of the rainbow! As someone else mentioned - it looks like a postcard picture.

    Heather - I was wondering what wrap you used on the plants. It was really perfect and I'm going to try and use that next time. Thank goodness - no tape!

    Barb - hope you and your job are getting along good.

    Carmen - I agree! Florida is beautiful, but it is full of heat, humidity, bugs, storms, droughts - you name it, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

    Amy - does the following link look anything like your plant? I was supposed to have gotten that from a vendor, but ended up with 2 easte lily vines.

    Nancy - glad you took the reins for the next swap. Not sure if I'm in or not, but if I keep coming back here I know I will.

    Amy, the link to the plant is below

    Hope all enjoyed their weekend.


    Here is a link that might be useful: Frangipani vine

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Ginny, thanks for the guess, But I don't think that's it. I got very excited at first, but then I looked at other pictures and the leaf doesn't look quite right. Oh well, hopefully it will flower, that would be awesome!!!

    Hope Nancy posts the new thread soon, this one is getting full (and slow to load)


  • divahethr
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    I can't wait to find out what the mystery plant is lol.

    Ginny I think i used saran wrap because it clings when you stretch it. But boy I keep forgetting to pick up press and seal! ?!@#!?!! lol jk

    I'm going into withdrawal I can't wait to sign up again hehe.

    It rained for 3 days now I got squash coming out of my you know what and I'm the only one who eats it. I went to check on the cucumbers and it's flowering and not so many cucumbers well there is a big ole female spider who set up a house on the cukes. She is scaring away the pollinators. but there are some finally coming again.

  • retsec
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    OK, how does NEIGHBORHOOD Clean Up Your Garden Swap sound? This can be for any kind of plants, cuttings, or bulbs. On your wish list just put what you are looking for, ex. tropicals, perrenials, whatever. We will have signups until August 15 and packages should be mailed by Sept. 1. I hope I can pair everybody up to someone they haven't traded with before and that has something they want. Let me know if this sounds OK. Then I will start the new thread.

  • chellflower
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi everyone!

    Amy, the succulent below your banana looks like a pepperomia. Not sure about the vine, but it is cool!

    Frances, love the rainbow!..looks like you had your pot O' gold all along!

    Not sure if I'll be joining this round of the Neighborhood swap...(I may be gone all of september...boss @ my new job wants to send me to dog grooming school and afterwards I'd have to adjust to working full time, so around mid-late Aug. I may be busy getting ready to go). I am hoping to do a couple side trades over the next week or so though.

    Its late...I need to get my butt in bed! G'night y'all!

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Chell That is wonderful.. I am so happy for you... :)

    Nancy ready when you are .... Thanks for hosting for us.. I think your idea is fab! Gotta run and get ready for my interview... I have been rehearsing all Have a great day everybody...

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi all,
    Nancy, sounds great but I would like to see us keep the word "tropical" in the title if that's ok? I just want to make sure that we keep it because I think that's a big draw for some people. I'm just worried that we'll turn into another group that does mostly perennials! :-) I love the tropicals niche we have here!!


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Frances I missed your post lol I scrolled right by..... I love your rainbow above your house... That is s wonderful picture! I am sorry I missed it....

    Amy I just remebered someone sent in climbing spinach in the Tropical seed Round robin? Could that be it? Barb

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Amy here is a link for you..:)

    Here is a link that might be useful: climbing spinach

  • bigmama4ever
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    yes keep the tropical in somewere. aug 15 sounds so far away, and sept ever futher.. are we going to do the coleous, as a side swap??? maybee like we did the crazy swap send them all to one person, and she distributes just leting them grow no cutting them to have dog groomer has her shop in her house, she takes a dog every hour 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, she charges me 25 for my small dog.. she makes bank..good luck on the job the rainbow pic..sooo cute..

  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Oh man Barb, you might be right about the climbing spinach! LOL! I was hoping it was something more exotic, but oh well. There's no way I'm going to eat it though, not without a positive id!

  • ginibee
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Would you believe Santa visited me yesterday dressed like a mailman? I couldn't believe the big box Heather sent crammed full of plants. I knew she was sending something, but I thought just one plant and it was so many I had to buy more potting soil. Thank you very much Heather. It was like Christmas in August!!

    Is the post up for the new swap yet? Still thinking, but I know I have lots to clean out.

    Amy, sorry that vine wasn't more exotic, but like you say, it has health benefits. Enjoy. Lol.


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Just thinking out loud to get the party started... :)

    Tropical and clean out your extras neighborhood swap... There that should make us all smile..:) what do you think Nancy and everybody.... Just a friendly suggestion....

    Glad we have a name amy.. They say it is pretty tasty and rare in American gardens.. Collect them seeds..Did you also see the purple one? ohh la la...It is pretty too

    Norma were you asking me about the coleus?

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Oops congrat Ginny...Heather is so wonderful sharing with all of us..... Santa is great too..:)

  • retsec
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    OK, it's going to be NEIGHBORHOOD CLEAN OUT YOUR GARDEN SWAP (tropicals, annuals, perennials, whatever you have extras of). You must signup and post your list by August 15. I will post partners by August 17. You need to send your box by Sept. 1. I will start a new thread now.

  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi everyone!!! I signed up for the new swap! sheesh, sure hope I can come up with something interesting that doesn't melt on its way!

    Thank you so much for the 'prize!' Heather sent me an Althea (any Idea what colour?) Love ROS, they flower all summer and well into fall here! A blueberry (sorry I forgot to writedown the names), lucky I didn't throw them all out with the Newspaper, I was so excited to get a package in the mail!!! a cute pick semp, 'chicks and widdies' my SO calls them and Mexical Fan Palm seedlings (are these hardy where you live?) I think Heather lives the closest to me geographically in our 'neighborhood'(if it lives where she is, it should make it here) Thanks so much, I will enjoy them!

    Gotta run, its hot outside and I need to water!


  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Me too Frances! If you are worried...I will ask Nancy if you can send to me if you want too... Up to you and Nancy.. I dont mind hot pants! I mean hot plants..hahahah

    Heather you have been a wonderful host! I just wanted you to know how grateful I am to have you as a friend... Hugs my new friend... Rock on girlfriend...heheh

  • Debra Andruska
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Posting a little late, but finally have a few minutes extra. ;) I'm so glad you love the box Barb! I had fun putting it together for you. I love Mr. Arizonia for the name of the cactus- he's a beefy guy, heavy too!

    One of the strep's is getting mislabeled. It's not Neil's Orange it's Neil's Osage. I know, such a strange name, but I didn't name it. ;) Streps are so easy to propagate, the segments should do really well for you, remember to bag them. Don't overwater, streps hate soggy soil.

    Better make this short- I have a ton of laundry to do, and will be doing it for HOURS, ugh.. Housework, yuk!


  • dieg01991
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Yippie, Frances is trading this time!!!! Woohoo!! Funny how you have to worry about things getting to hot in Sept and I have to worry about them getting too cold (or too hot too actually). Ahhh MN, never a dull moment with the weather up here! ;-)

    Heather, thank you so much for an awesome swap!!! Woohoo!!!


  • divahethr
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Thank you everyone for letting me host this swap!!! You all have been great and thank you for the kind words!! I can't believe it's over already hehe.
    Frances it's white maroon center rose of sharon. I was trying to go by your trade list. Yes i grow mexican fan palms here but I would wait until they have trunks before putting them outside in the ground just keep them inside this winter. They grow fast. They are one of those plants that isn't supposed to grow here. I keep it sheltered on 2 sides in full sun and it likes drought once established. Hehe ya you don't live too far away from me. I love NC. I'm not there ENOUGH.
    Anyway thank you again NEIGHBORHOOD!!! Hugs too all and love you long time!!!!
    Don't forget to sign up for the new swap that Nancy is hosting!!!

  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Heather!
    I love VA! Met my SO in Shenandoah! "Virginnia is for Lovers" afterall ;) Love the coastal areas too, but I will always love the mountains more!

    Thanks so much for the althea, White we do not have! And also for the tips on the palm! W

    August is our hottest month, September is usually just more of the same with cooler evenings! We don't get frost until November, which makes fall swaps with you Northern girls a bit tricky. Many of my seeds are not ready for harvest, my bulb orders never arrive till late in November. Annuals are stil going strong sometimes into December! Visiting Canada in the summer makes me homesick, thinking of Canadian winters makes me glad I don't have to deal with them anymore!

    Woot! Barb!!! is all right with me!!! (she's just after my coleus ha ha ha) and watch your mailbox, for MG seeds!

    Actually I am hoping to send away lots of pretty coleus so I can beg back bits in the spring..... its an evil plot!!!

    Gotta get back to work, bought a couple of BIG bags of Potting soil today..........

    More later

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Woot woot (Grin on face and dont forget the geraniums my peeps evil laughter in the background)....

    Bodaious pics Frances! Ooohhh my heart melts for the morning glories...We want pics Frances us northerner gardeners are having a tough year.....It has been really bad..I dug one up and put in the gh for Ron... Isnt he wonderful on the vine forum...:) I would give him all my plants for his knowledge....

  • Debra Andruska
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Peeking in for a few minutes, I'm still doing laundry! And watering the yard/landscape. Everything is so dry- it rained the other day, but only for a minute!

    I love your pot of coleus! Coleus was the first plant I ever grew. My Grandma gave me a cutting and I've loved it ever since! Also, love the (whitish baby) growing with the mother in laws tongue. I love anything that has split colors, variegated.

    Have to go check dinner, it's almost ready.


  • chellflower
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Barb & Norma, thanks y'all.... I've heard of groomers here working from home. Boss says there's potential to make as much as DH does truck driving (no complaints here! LOL)I'll be on a two year contract with PS after schooling. My boss spoke with his boss today and Its a 'GO'!!!..I'll be leaving for school Aug. 30th! Its in Plano (near Dallas), I'll be off most weekends, but I've never been away from my boys more than 1 night at a time, guess I'll just have to buck up and deal with it (hey its only for a month and for a good cause...$$$$$ LOL) Hoping I can come home mid week some too, but it would be hard to get my butt back up there to school by 8am (I hate long drives on a time schedule)!

    Hey Barb, how did the interview go????? Have you heard from them yet?? Still crossing fingers girlfriend!!!!! (I'd cross my toes too, but I have short fat 'hobbit' feet!...just not hairy thank G'ness!! LOL)

    Helen, I tried sending you an email, but GWeb wouldn't let me...wanna side trade??? If interested give me a hollar!

    Goodnight NEIGHBORS!

  • ladygreensleeves
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hey all.....wanted to drop in and say hey.....HEY, waving to everyone. Been really busy here getting the boy ready for college. Appts. everyday and records to pick-up and such. Been unreal. I will most likely sit out the next swap as we will be going back and forth to the college several times in the next several weeks. Just way to much going on this month.

    Heather you did a wonderful job being our hostess for this month. I received in the mail from Heather today a prize box for my guess of the breed of the kitty. She sent me a couple of keylime seedlings, some red hens and chicks,another plant I need to ask the ID on(the largest one)and a watering chickie pick You stick it in a pot and fill with water,the pick portion is terra cotta and allows water to seep into the soil of your plant.It's very cute. Thank-you Heather but you did'nt need to do that. I just have fun guessing.

    Got to run, and set a fire under that boys butt. Will try to lurk thru the new swap from time to time.


  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago


    Love to send MG pics, but the wet this year has made the plants JUST HIDEOUS!!! the flowers are pretty, but the vines and leaves are lanky, spotted and just awful.... will try to get some good shots of the bloom for ya~

    Those coleus mostly came from the last T-ST Surplus Swap. Micerey and Barb, I also grew a ton from seed. They really pop! I have 4 big pots full and almost every plant is different! Coleus was one of my first plants too!

    The Motherinlaw Tongue was given to me 10 years ago by my MIL. It is a beast! weighs about 50lb in the pot. If you would like a pup or two let me know!

    Chell good luck with the new job! How fabulous for you to be getting training like that~ I know it will be tough being away from the kids, but worth it in the long run!!!

    Regina busy busy busy, you are going to miss that boy, are you looking forward to a new life adventure!

  • ladygreensleeves
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Barb...both happy and sad....Happy he is moving forward with his life. Knowing he will go far as long as he stays focused on his studies, and learns to quit being so wasteful. Sad because he is moving on and we will be seeing very little of him in the next 4 years or so. We havent made any new life adventures yet. House needs some TLC. I suppose first we will get used to having a home with just us and the critters and go from there.

    Chell I used to be a dog and cat groomer. I loved it too. But my employer was a deedeedee. Never had the money to pay me each week and always "owed" me. And she never gave me my tips either.Then at the end of the year she reported more earnings for me than what I had really made.Fortunitly I kept records and proved my case and won, so make sure you don't let the same happen to you.
    I have kept my clippers, blades and accessories and still will do a neighbors dog or two once in awhile to keep my skills up.....but don't miss the hair stuck in places I did'nt know

    Love all the pictures the everyone post. Always enjoy seeing ya'lls babies.


  • divahethr
    Original Author
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Regina so sad that you won't be joining us this month, but I know you will be back next month and you will be saying HI hehe. The big plant was bluecrop blueberries. talk soon

  • rosepedal
    12 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Hi Regina :)

    My heart aches for you... It took me a good two years to get over being away from the kids and I still get sad being so far away.. He must be so excited to start his college courses and meet new friends... He knows where he can come home to wash his clothes... hahahah

    I hope you will be able to join us next month... We miss you!