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update: partners tropical cacti succulent or anything grows!!!

14 years ago

How is everyone? Hope everyone is great! I never thought I would be back. Thank you everyone for being patient! And for the kind words. I mean that!

Well we have another winner!

Congratualations, Nancy (retsec), for being the 10th person to join! Remember that one? lol...Finally a winner for that one!!! I will be mailing your prize out soon!!!

Josie was a close guess for kitty's name J*O* are correct for the first 2 letters. So keep guessing hehehe!

Bengal and burmese were great guesses I would have guessed those right off. So the full breed doesn't start with 'B'. The half breed starts with 'B' I will post pictures maybe this will help get some more winners!! Thank you all for guessing!

Peoples List:

1. divahethr / heather

2. ladygreensleeves / Regina

3. rosepedal / Barb

4. dieg01991 / Amy

5. bigmama4ever / Norma

6. ginibee / Ginny

7. debbya / Deb

8. wanna_run_faster / Helen

9. gardencraze / Carmen

10. retsec / Nancy

Partners list

heather sends to Ginny

Ginny sends to Amy

Amy sends to Carmen

Carmen sends to Nancy

Nancy sends to Regina

Regina sends to Heather

Barb sends to Helen

Helen sends to Norma

Norma sends to Deb

Deb sends to Barb

It was a little hard pairing everyone up I tried to to match partners with requests and to not repartner people who have already sent to each other. If anyone has an issue with partners email me privately maybe we can work it out. I swear everytime I tried to partner I got myself lol. I would count and there was only 9 people where is the 10th ohhh me dummy! Then I would have to start over. We got home last night at 3am I showered and went to work and came home and worked on the partners I haven't slept. I really hope there isn't a faux pas somewhere here!!!

I wanted to get this post out I know that everyone is anxious to get going I will neaten it up soon. I haven't even went out and looked at the garden after 5/6 days!!!



flapjacks kalanchoe calous cuttings

euphorbia spiralis cristata

thimble cactus mammilaria gracilis fragilis

euphorbia anoplia tanzania zipper plant

euphorbia flanaganii cristata 'green coral'

pachyveria 'blue pearl'


aloinopsis schoonesii

lithops stone faces

echeveria nodula

mexican sedum

rainbow bush elephant portulacaria afra variegata

graptoveria opalina

sedeveria sorrento

split rock living rock

kalanchoe 'chocolate soldier'

silver quill

opuntia beavertail prickly pear

opuntia humifusa prickly pear

string of pearls

string of bananas

rex begonia 'red tango'

dragon wing begonia

silver green begonia

angel wing begonia

miss muffet caladium

aaron caladium

yucca filamentosa

moses in the cradle

venus heuchera

purple iceplant

veronica waterperry speedwell

black potato vine

light green potato vine

henna coleus

sedona coleus

white moonflower datura inoxia

asiatic lilies

fittonia white brocade

tradescantia oyster plant

dwarf pomegranate 'nana'

purple orchid tree




colorful foliage plants

anything I don't have not picky



ladygreensleeves / Regina


Aeonium "Catlin Hybrid"

Sebervivum Arachnoideum cv. 'Cebenese' "Cobweb"

Ric-Rac Cactus Crytocereus Anthonyanus-cuttings

Epiphyllum Oxypetulum Queen-of-the-Night cuttings

Epiphyllum Guatamelense Monrose-Curly leaf Epi-baby starts

Epiphyllum "Hidden Treasure" - small cutting

Epiphyllum "Sol MacDonaldiae" - small cutting


Skyvine Thunbergia grandiflora- rooted cuttings!

Lady Margaret Passion flower- cuttings

Schfflera- will become trees

Mandevilla-yellow-rooted cuttings!

Purple Potatoe Vine "Blackie"- Rooted

Elephant Ears

Walking Iris-yellow

Song-of-India Dracenea- cuttings

Angel Trumpet Brugmansia White- cuttings

Datura Moonflower Innoxia- plant

Datura Purple People Eater- very small plant

Queen palms- small young 2 yr. olds


Spiderplants - green and varigated

Devil Pothos-cuttings w/roots

Episcia-small plantlets that root easily

Lipstick varigated - cuttings



Dracaena verigated noid can use in or around the pond



My Wants:

String-of-Pearls....really want this

Burros Tail.....really want

Rat Tail Cactus......really want

Rhipsalis I don't have

Scented Geraniums



Gold Fish Plant

Hoya's....really want


Walking Iris - yellow





Coccinia Quinqueloba cutting forms caldex root in water

Centradenia cascade rooting small cutting

Abuliton Thompsonii cuttings with nubs forming

Patchouli oil cuttings

Lipstick vine cutting

Spotted pothos cuttings

Angel wing begonia cutting

Var pepperomia cuttings

Frosted jade Plectrancnthus coleoides


Charmed wine

Iron cross

Fancy leaf geraniums cuttings

Crystal palace

Happy thought

Raspberry ripple geranium cutting

Perr geraniums


orchid blue

claridge druce

Coleus cuttings

Alabama sunset

Dapple apple


Coco loco


Dipt in wine

Stained glassworks needlepoint

Splish splash

Kingswood torch

Fishnet stockings


Scented geraniums cuttings

Chocolate mint

Lemon fizz

Sweet mimosa

Var. Fair ellen



Fragrant freddy

Lady plymouth

Small rooted apple scented geranium plant

Heurcheras plants


Purple palace

Silver scrolls


Ruby bells

Dianthus brillancy plant

Dwarf blue cadet hosta

Northern maiden hair fern

Raspberry wine bee balm

Mandevilla laxa seedling

Mexican oleander seedling

crinum mushroom plant hahahha

lillium formosa seedling plant

Penta pink plant

Sun goddess brugmansia cutting

Charles grimaldi brugmansia cutting

My wants named succelents or other named tropicals.





Aeonium zwartkop

Aloe vera

aloe Zanzibar

Arrow vine

Asparagus Fern

Basket plant (Callisia fragrans)

Bloodleaf Variegated 'Iresine herbstii'

Borro's tail (Sedum morganianum) (small clump)

Canna lily (green leaf w/red flowers)

Canna lily (burgundy leaf w/red flowers)

Chinese Evergreen (solid green leaves)

Chinese Evergreen, Painted Drop-Tongue

Christmas cactus (hot pink and white flowers)

Christmas cactus (solid hot pink flowers)

Cuban oregano variegated (cuttings)

Double Purslane 'Fairytale Cinderella' (Portulaca) - cuttings


Magenta Dracaena

purple iresine


Flowering Maple seedlings (white flower)

Fuchsia 'Shadow Dancer Betty"

Graptopetalum pentandrum superbum (succulent)

Ivy (large green leaf)

Ivy (small green leaf)

Jade Plant (green)

Kalanchoe (Mother of Thousands - red flowers) - cuttings

Lipstick plant (red flowers)

Nephthytis "cream allusion"

Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea)

Pathos (variegated)

Peperomia species (NOID)

Polka Dot Plant

Pregnant onion

Purple Queen

Rabbits foot fern (cuttings)

Spider Plant (green)

Spider Plant (variegated - white center w/green mottling)

Succulent NOID (purple-ish green with white hair)

Swedish Ivy

Yucca NOID (grown from seeds I collected in Las Vegas a few years back)

Wandering jew (purple & silver)

Wandering jew (green)


Aeoniums any (I only have Zwartzkop)



Cast iron plant


Corkscrew vines

Croton Banana Codiaeum

Croton "Lauren's Rainbow"

Croton "Gold Star"

Foxtail Fern 'Meyersii' (Asparagus densiflorus)

Guppy plant

Lemon Lime dracaena

Lipstick plant (orange flowers)

Orchid cactus

Peperomia (Emerald Ripple)

Peperomia "Isabella" clusiifolia

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

Pitcher plant

Pony Tail fern

Rosary Vine

Spider plant (the one with curly leaves)

String of Pearls

Succulents (especially purple, variegated or other non-green ones)

Variegated African Violets

Variegated Lipstick Plant

Variegated monstera

Variegated/streaked Basket plant (Callisia fragrans)

variegated purple queen

Venus Fly Trap


Cactus (zone 4 hardy)

buddha belly plant

I need to get to bed now, I'm exhausted. Talk more later




haves (tons of pictures)

a kitchen sink of cuttings succulents


coleuses caladiums tropicals

Bananas begonias





Hoyas - about a dozen varieties, but I don't know the names as they are from NOID cuttings. Can send pictures.

Lipstick plant - big with orange, smaller with red blooms

Nematanthus - Goldfish plant 'black gold'

Callisia fragrans - Variegated basket plant

Pereskia bleo - orange cactus rose

Oxalis Triangularis - Big purple leaves

Spider plants - Bonnie, Hawaiian, regular variegated

Gingers - Costus woodsonii dwarf, Shell (rhizomes), Hedychium (rhizomes) - NOIDS - maybe Gardnerianum, Kewense or Luna. Have had all, but none are blooming and they've been shifted around.

Cannas - Indica type - tall red and tall orange

Aptenia cordifolia - red baby sun rose groundcover

Passion vine - 'Lady Margaret' (not sure if rooted)

Thunbergia Battiscombeii - Blue vine/shrub

Jatropha podigrica - Buddha belly

Jasmine sambac - not sure which one

Cassia tree - don't know variety

Crinum bulbs - light pink

Amaryllis bulb - not blooming now - so NOID

Barleria micans - giant shrimp plant

Begonia odorata - white blooms

Justicia brandegeana - shrimp plant 'fruit cocktail'

Dianella tasmanica - variegated flax lily

LA iris - purple blooms

Walking iris - yellow, blue/white, tall purple

Cuttings -

Assorted crotons - lots of varieties

Firespike - 4 varieties - red, purple, lavender, and magenta

Aloysia virgata - sweet almond bush

Chaste tree - variegated

Pedilanthus tithymaloides 'Variegatus' - Devil's backbone

Coleus - several but most NOIDS

Allamanda - 'cherries jubilee'

Plumeria pudica - evergreen, white blooms

Aglaia odorata - Chinese perfume bush

BowTie vine

Elephant Ears - Colocasia 'coal miner', lime zinger (small)

(the EE above are plants not cuttings)

Looking for:

Bamboo - clumping type

Crinums - white or any I don't have

Cannas - dwarf pink or red

Epiphylium - any day blooming orchid cactus

Croscosmias - red or yellow (have orange)


Brug - double white

Begonia - Caribbean corsair and Nelumbefolia, tall red cane

Iceplant groundcover z9 except 'baby sun rose'

Agave hesperaloe - yellow

Red Porterweed

Ruttya - pink

but would like any tropical or butterfly plant I don't have



Helen WRF


Coleus - pink, small leaf - named (sorry I have to check my list)

String of bananas

Begonia - various angel wings

Plumerias - unnamed but pretty or unusual, some named, also plumeria pudica

Heliconias - named (if I can find the tags!)

Maybe a small grand nain banana, or an ice cream

3 different dragon fruits

Frosty pink brug cuttings

Hedychium sherry baby

Cuttings barbados cherry

cuttings night blooming jasmine

cuttings stephanotis floribunda

small cutting vanilla orchid

hedychium flavum

crepe ginger

ginger - forgot name - red cones on end - indian head maybe?

epiphyllum - day bloomer - forgot color - have picture

Cuttings hoyas (some named, some unnamed)

1 small white Bird of paradise's (hopefully it survived! I transplanted this past weekend)

Misc bromeliads - mainly sun / part sun achemia (sp?)



Geraniums - esp. fancy leafs, scented

Spider lillies

LA Irises

Blue & white walking iris

bridal veil (clerodendron?)

Criniums - esp pink or varig.


Wrightia religiosa

Osmanathus fragrans (tea olive)

Rondelettia splendens

Africian Violets - esp dwarf's, trailing

Begonia Nelumbefolia, other unusual leaves

Neo type broms

WRF / Helen


Deb / Debbya


Neil's Key West

Neil's Matthew

Neil's Sassy

Neil's Minnesota

Moonlit Velvet

Neil's New Orleans

Neil's King Arthur

Leyla Blue

Neil's Betty Jean

Neil's Jammin

Neil's Osage

Bristol's Ida Wanna

Neil's Harvest Moon

Neil's Ruby

Neil's Danica


Neil's Magic


Cloud Nine

Candy girl

Blushing Bride

Maasans White


"Barbara Jane"

trailing Violet- I'll give you a few leaves to propagate, babies appear with in weeks after

planting leaf, repot when babies are dime sized.

This violet trails (has multiple crowns) and fills a pot really nicely.

Optunia Cactus pads- grow outdoors or in pots, survives outdoors/Chicago winter year after year! Unrooted freshly cut pads. My cactus garden is in bloom now (yellow blooms) and the cactus multiply quickly. Pads root with in a week or two. Place directly in soil or ground.

Jade, regular

Mini Jade (Baby jade)

will send fresh cuttings from either/both Jades

Burrow tail (Fresh cuttings) have it in a hanging basket, very lush fat little tails!

Old Woman cactus pup (still attached to the parent plant, will be freshly seperated before shipping) few inches big. Lightly hairy.

2- taller skinny cactus (thorns look like little spiders crawling) little larger than a finger. Several years old, 7 approx.

2 small tiny baby cactus grown from seed, very small, 3 years old.

Yucca, white baby (growing in between my cactus garden and needs to be removed ASAP) small, but established. Baby...

Hoya publicalyx cutting, freshly cut from the plant. The hoya divided into a few clumps, will send one unrooted clump. Roots directly in soil, might have 5 leaves (approximate).


looking for

'm always looking for- named african violets, hoyas, unique vining/basket plants, Orchids. Really anything! ;)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Carmen Carmen / gardencraze

hibiscus cuttings

peacock ginger tubers

wandering jew cut.

tibouchina cut.

arrow vine

english dogwood cut.

bromiliad no id

devil spine cut.

corol bell

joy weed

sanseveria plectranthus emerald lace

ice plant pink

mother of thousands

stopelia nobalis

crown of thorns red

fl. wild fern

lady finger banana

red passion flwr

red rosmary cut.

nun orchid spothoglotis tropical punch

epidendrum radican

pink day lily

4'o'clocks pink culantro seed

plumeria pink

naked lady lily

staghorn bleeding heart

My want list


any dalilies


any suculents


black bamboo







night blooming cereus

bowiea volobilis

disocactus flagelliformis



Nancy retsec


white and purple bleeding heart vine,

hidden ginger,

white butterfly ginger,

pine cone ginger,

unknown variegated ginger,

bengal tiger canna,

yellow/orange canna,

black eyed susie vine,

red spider lilies,

red and yellow crown of thorns cuttings,

red/coral shrimp plant,

yellow shrimp plant,

prayer plant,

swiss cheese plant,

green and white wandering jew,

kitten ear jew,

purple and gray jew,

green wandering jew,

swedish ivy,

goldfish plant,

night blooming cactus,

rick rack cactus,

mother of thousands

, hen and chicks green

, pony tail palm,

texas star hibiscus,

luna blush hibiscus,

aloe vera,

tricolor sedum,

mother in law tongue,

mexican petunia,

red candy apple iceplant,

elephant sedum

, coral reef sedum,

pink pursalane,

double yellow/pink pursalane,

spiral staircase sedum

, variegated tropical hibiscus,

kerria japonica rose double yellow

, red/coral honeysuckle cuttings,

silver squill, cast iron plant,

drummonds pink phlox

, christmas cheer sedum,

pink abelia cuttings,

curly leaf begonia,

different unnamed begonias,

blue hydrangea, o

ld cactus (makes yellow flower)

, unnamed sedum and succelents

, red hot poker lily


yellow spider lily,

variegated candy apple ice plant,

cajun hibiscus,

mosquito plant,

variegated mosquito plant,

mandarin plant,

pink lily of the valley,

walking iris,

pineapple lily other that white,

desert rose,

yellow butterfly bush

, sedums and succelents I don't have,

blood lily,


variegated lipstick plant,

begonias I don't have

Nancy retsec

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