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A curiosity re sleep/wakefulness

9 months ago

The other night I was in the middle of a weird dream and I woke up and suddenly hear the roller shade on the window spontaneously roll up.

That makes no sense to me. Seems to me it would've been the sound of the roller shade that would've waken me rather than to just wake up and coincidentally hear the shade go up. And it was a weird time for me to wake up. There are certain times at night when it's more usual for me to wake up and this wasn't one of them.

I remember DH in pre-cpap days and he'd fall asleep and start snoring so I'd poke him, and he'd swear he wasn't even sleeping yet, when in fact he was.

So there are some curious things that happen around sleep/wakefulness.

What do you think? Did I wake first and then hear the shade? Or did the shade wake me up and my brain confuse the timing? Has something similar happened to you?

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