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Still trying! What tastes like eggs?

rob333 (zone 7a)
2 months ago

So I got a second opinion, and they said don't live on the elimination diet, as you may or may not remember, but I still want to try. At least to cut down, if not cut out completely! I just made a completely inoffensive tapioca pudding. Except that it was grey. Aquafaba that is powdered, and oat milk are both very, very GREY. I was happy with all of it, if I closed my eyes. But I wasn't thrilled, because it lacked the custardy flavor that egg has.

Any thoughts on adding that flavor? Might be able to add a little bit of turmeric, and/or food coloring, but that's not much help for the color. And it's really no help for the flavor. I'm not looking for vanilla, I'm looking for eggy custard. If it's not possible, it's not possible.

But if you have thoughts, I'd be interested to know!

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