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Exterior Paint Color for 80's Mock Tudor, Peachy/Pink Brick House

10 months ago

I have a 1980's mock tudor home with a cantilever 2nd story. The brick color is a peachy/pink/buff color. I do live in a HOA neighborhood, but they really have been very lax as of late... They approved very bright purple trim.... So I want to take advantage of this and do a specific color request. I got all new white windows, and a new front door and garage doors. I am going to be getting a new roof and new paint because of a recent storm that plowed through the area... and I am really conflicted with what paint color to go with. I do want a 'white' trim color and slightly darker body because I want the tudor feel to disappear. I am going with GAF Grand Sequoia Charcoal roof, which is what I would call a black roof. have inquired about a very light lime wash of the brick, but the HOA did say no to that.... but if push comes to shove I will go find some examples of lighter brick colors in the neighborhood that would be similar. It becomes really hard to find examples of homes that aren't new constructions, and my house is definitely not a new construction vibe! First Photo is when we bought it, other two are after windows/garage door/front door updates. Your help is appreciated!

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