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Should I change the direction of the planks on my landings?

Paul F.
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I'm replacing the wood in the bottom floor of my home with 7.5 inch planks and leaving the upstairs with the original thin plank oak floor. The entire upstairs is the master suite which people will not see so I thought I'd save some money since they are in good shape. The stairs are preexisting but have the same thin plank on the two landings as the stairs turn. They can be seen on the same plane as the bottom floor coming down the stairs... so I'm changing them to match.

The question is should I turn the planks in the same orientation as the stairs now that I have a chance OR should I keep them matched to the lower floor since they can be seen in the same view?

Also, whatever direction I put them, should they should have some short piece seams instead of all full pieces?

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