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How to un-paint these railings

last month

Just bought a house and absolutely hate the dark grey railings. They are light oak under the elephant grey. They were just painted, so hopefully the paint hasn't totally cured. I'm trying to figure out the best way to strip the paint without damaging the freshly stained stairs. I can't imagine how they thought this was going to look good or why they chose to paint stain grade hardwood.

The goal is to paint the spindles white since stripping them would take forever, and stain the railing to match the treads. Is it even possible to cover the grey paint with white? It looks like we could take the whole banister down and strip everything in the garage, but I'm not sure how complicated that is. Any ideas on how to undo whatever this was supposed to be?

I'm thinking heat gun, but not sure how I could adequately ventilate.

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