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Florida pool design with cage: back walkway or no walkway?

CT Watson
3 months ago

We are building a house on a lake in southwest Florida, and we approved this pool design before we realized that there is no walkway on the back edge of the pool between the pool and the cage. My husband is concerned that it will make things like cleaning the pool, retrieving items from the pool and even getting out of the pool more complicated. We asked our builder about moving the entire pool 3 feet closer to the house, so we could have a walkway. It’s doable. But, with the change fees, re-designing, and adding a retaining wall, since the pool itself will no longer act as a retaining wall, and extra pipes, it’ll probably cost us at least an additional $9000. We could also push the cage out another 3 feet, but we would have to add pavers and make the pool cage even bigger. After hurricane Ian, the pool cage is already going to be pretty darn expensive Do you think it’s worth it? Does anyone out there have a pool that is flush against the pool cage? Is it a problem?

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