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What are the best Zellige-look ceramic tile for showers?

Nessa Z
3 months ago

Help please I'm stuck! I initially wanted to go for zellige tile in our master shower. Settled on the Riad Natural White tile. But I'm finding that it's a difficult tile to work with as well as really expensive. But It's very difficult to find any tile that recreates the look without looking gym-bathroom-like very quickly. Has anyone found a beautiful replacment? I know Cloe is recommended, but the size of that tile doesn't work for us. I'm wanting a 4x4 or a 2x6. I'm liking how Celine ceramic tile looks in white in sample, and Portmore in white, although portmore is a bit too white. I loved the more neutral color of Riad zellige. It's hard to find photos of it installed though. If anyone who's worked with these tiles themselves or for clients, please weigh in. Really could use advice I'm so stuck!

Here are some links for inspo of the look we're wanting:

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