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Need recommendations for modem/router combo, please help

4 months ago

Windows 10

Dell 3668

2 PCs connected by Ethernet to an Arris (Model SBG10) modem/router

Provider: Cox Communications

We have been having Internet troubles, most often with WiFi, which we need for our i-Pads, and want to replace the device. Usually, checking out many reviews has led to purchases of appliances and other products that ended up being very satisfactory, but for this particular product, I need help.

I am thinking of buying another modem/router combo, but would also consider buying two separate devices. After spending a few days searching reviews and offers, I am still not sure what to do. There are reviews saying Arris is not what it used to be, so I started looking at Netgear and others. The trouble is, every time I think THIS IS IT! I then come across something in another review that gives me doubts. Reliability is our main concern.

We could afford up to $200 or maybe more if necessary to buy both a modem and a router. It can be DOCSIS 3.00, since we don't need very high speeds. We would need 4g and 5g, but no need for 6g. We use WiFi for our 2 i-Pads and sometimes a Windows laptop, but mainly access the Internet on our PCs using Ethernet cables.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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