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The Summer Harvest!

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5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I've been going on for a couple of months about the mostly Asian greens from the temporary hoop house, set up in mid-March. There are new greens in those beds and the plastic film and hoops have been down for quite awhile.

There has been some early veggies from the open garden - lots of lettuce, beet thinnings, and then the peas (which suffered quite a bit from 3 separate episodes of 90 degree Spring weather.) LOTS of peas came off the recovered vines over the last 7 days, thankfully. We had some new potatoes to go with some of them for dinner last night.

It's Summer! We have the first of the warm-season crops -- a few Beit Alpha Muncher cucumbers. The tomatoes are still quite a ways from ripening. That goes for the peppers, etc. etc. The first planting of sweet corn is all tasseling nicely. Flowers only on the melons but things look promising.

What about in your gardens?


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