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should I refinish these red oak hardwood floors?'

last year

I just purchased a new condo and am torn about what to do with the flooring in this large open floor plan with lots of windows.

These pictures are at different times of the day so the color seems to change. There are certain times of the day when I don’t mind the color and other times where I just don’t like it at all.

The pictures with the furniture are from the original listing so my furniture will be different. In my opinion, they are a little too orange and red. I am told that this is Red Oak. I am scheduled to have the floors refinished to either natural or a different color though I am not sure what color that will be.
The ceilings are concrete, I will not be changing the color of the cabinets in the kitchen but the wall colors will change( have not decided wall color but most likely something neutral but not beige). Also, the bedrooms will have the carpet removed and flooring will match whichever floor I decide to go with.

One of my concerns Is that some of the furniture that I have may not “show up” because of the current floor color

Do you think it’s worth changing the floor color or is it livable? If I were to change it, do you think it should be left on its natural state, If not, what color do you think would be good?

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