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About to Refinish Red Oak 2 inch hardwood floors. Help

4 years ago

Our current floors are that horrible orangey color and we are about to have them redone. I cannot decide what color to refinish them. I also need help choosing satin or matte finish. I want something much more current. My home decor is transitional and eclectic. Very clean lines with a mix of furniture and natural fiber rugs. There is some modern art. It’s definitely not a modern home, but I’m trying to push myself to be current. I’m hoping new floors are gonna give us a whole new fresh look.

Ideas on stain colors and brands? I hate any hint of red , orange, or pink so I’m not sure what I should choose. I wish they were white oak, but they are not. Brand names and specific info would be awesome. Thanks! I’d love to see photos if you love your floors.

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