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Engineered floors over hardwood floors

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We are currently in the midst of a major remodeling project and face a decision regarding our flooring. We need to choose between installing new engineered floors directly on top of our existing hardwood floors OR removing the hardwood altogether, adding additional plywood to level the floor with another area of our home, and then installing new engineered floors. Our (GC) says there is no issue with installing floors over floors, but the information we found online is quite confusing. We are concerned about potential long-term consequences such as squeaking and the floors shifting, leading to gaps.

1. Does anyone have first-hand experience with this type of installation?

2. If it is acceptable to install the new floor over the existing one, should the new floor be laid perpendicular to the old one or can it be in the same direction?

3. Are we risking future gaps as the existing floor moves with seasons?

4. Is there a way to prevent these issues by using the right underlayment layer over the existing floors? If so, what type of underlayment would be suitable?

I have to mention that apart from saving a couple of weeks, there are no significant benefits for us to follow the contractor's suggestion. That seems insignificant when looking at the big picture. However, I do not want to create more work for us if that is a totally acceptable practice.

I would appreciate any words wisdom and or advice here.

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