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NEED LVP help! Want Thick, Light colored, Low Variation

3 months ago

Hi There,

So I have ordered over 40 samples.... I cannot find the perfect color. I love the feel and color of Cali Bamboo ( dawn Patrol), but there are some dark boards that I cannot get my head around. I want low variation, Wide and Long boards. I am willing to pay more for a quality product. I love the thickness of the Cali boards. I have also been looking at TruCor Natural Oak ( but it has too little variation and feels thin).

There are some Coretec colors I like, Empire/ Kent, but I keep reading about them ripping up clothes and socks and skin! I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, and really don't want to deal with that.

Is there some boutique company with 12mm thick boards that look and feel like real wood? I want invisible bevel- that's why I wasn't a fan of Flooret.

I like this color, but have heard mixed reviews about Lions Floor and its brittleness. It also appears to be too thin for what I want.

Any advice would be great!!

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