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Any LVP experts out there?--Want unbiased, real info & not sales hype

6 years ago

We’ve been shopping and we’ve been doing a lot of reading about different luxury vinyl planks products. But, now that we know some things (often a lot more than the salespeople we’ve encountered) we have some points we’d like help on.

We are looking for quality flooring for a basement in a 100 year old house. In the past 30 years we had maybe 6 times where there was a teeny bit of water along one wall in the basement after very heavy rains. Now that we are doing a full gut remodel, we’ve regraded and we’ve installed interior drain tiles. So, water incursion isn’t something we’re really worried about. Our primary concern is our floor currently has a slope. Our general contractor (who based his bid on a click install) tells us it can be taken care of, but we are nervous after having read install instructions and the need for less than a 3/16” slope in 10’.

  1. Integrated backing core vs no backing—Many stores have steered us towards Coretec because of its enhanced, more rigid backing. In our maybe-slight-slope scenario would Coretec (or a similar product) be our best bet? What are names of other brands that are similar to Coretec? Or, would we be better off with the standard no-backing, thinner LVP?
  2. Wear layer—Looking for durability, we had been thinking of only buying a product with a wear layer of at least 20 mils. Now, we’ve read it is the actual composition of the wear layer and not the thickness that is most important. What thickness or type of wear layer is best for a lightly trafficked basement where we want to make sure the product will last and not scratch?
  3. Shorter vs longer planks—Is this only a matter of appearance, or are there install reasons (works better on uneven floors, less installation waste) to choose one over the other?
  4. Glue down vs click & prices for these different installs—We have been planning on a click install product. Would a glue down be a better bet in our scenario? We saw some products that could be click install or glue install. If we chose one of those, which type of application is usually most inexpensive Including installation?
  5. The stores we’ve been visiting have told us that the manufacturer’s warranty will include labor if we use the store’s installers. If we have our contractor’s installer do it, the warranty will be different and only cover the product. Is this true?
  6. Companies—At a certain price/quality level are products from all manufacturers essentially the same, and should we make our choice based on which design most appeals to us?

This is so confusing and such a big purchase (moneywise and appearance wise) that we want to make sure we make the right decision. Thanks much for any input you have.

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