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Stacking 3 Gaggenau appliances

3 months ago

I'm interested in the Gaggenau 400 series Combi-Steam Oven, Combi-Microwave and Coffee Maker.

Each of these are 18" in height.

Has anyone stacked them in a single stack or seen it being done? If so, did you have any usability issues?

By my rough measurements we can make it work I think. It's nice that Gaggenau has the option to order control knobs either at the top or the bottom.

I'm thinking (top to bottom):

Combi-Microwave (bottom controls) - BM450710

Coffee Maker (top controls) - CM470712

Steam Oven (top controls) - BS474612

When talking to someone at a third-party showroom, they suggested moving an appliance to a separate adjacent stack, and also perhaps buying a regular oven and/or a warming drawer to complete an aesthetically rectangular look across two side by side stacks of appliances with no "holes". I almost fell for it, but I don't need filler items such as vacuum or warming drawers and would prefer not to take 24" from the adjacent countertop to accommodate another stack of appliances if I can make these three core appliances work in a single stack.

Thank you!

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