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Help selecting double wall oven

last month

We are having a heck of a time selecting a double wall oven for our kitchen reno. Some thoughts:

- House is midcentury modern. Husband and I both cook and bake a ton.

- Budget is not really an issue. I am fine spending $12k for the right high end oven (fridge will likely be subzero and induction cooktop is Bosch). But the more I dig in, the more I seem to find serious issues with all the expensive brands.

- Wolf: We like the look, can -tolerate- the interface (not our favorite but not the worst), but super scared of the dreaded blue chipping

- Viking: We LOVE the looks of these for our midcentury home. And quite like the manual/knob interface as a counterpoint to all the terrible touchscreens on other models (more on that below). But Viking has such terrible reviews. Some online chatter says their cooking appliances are good, but I think that is referring to their gas ranges. The guy at the appliance store said he really doesn't sell a lot of Viking wall ovens, and those he does sell are because people specifically want the french door - though he assured me their cooking devices are great. But this seems like this could be a gamble?? For a lot of money!

- Thermador: Like the modern look, which would also work well for the MCM vibe. But can't stand the touch screen interface. Spent a minute trying to make it work in the store, and hated it.

- Bosch - In past homes, we have owned the old 800 series oven (12 years ago - a couple models back) and 500 series (current model). Hated the old 800 series touch interface. Liked the 500 series well enough, but it wasn't perfect. Didn't love the preheat on either.

- Beyond that, I kind of hate all these new touch screens that are used on 99% of wall ovens today. We've tried a million of them, and the touch screens we tried all are so frustrating compared with the interfaces of 20 years ago. Having to press buttons three times to finally get it to recognize your finger, can't use touchscreen while oven mitts are on, scroll features results in constantly over-scrolling and then trying to get back to where you wanted to be, have to press a bunch of buttons just to get to basic bake functionality. All these screens seem like (a) they were designed by people who NEVER cook and (b) are going to have a super high fail rate.

- Even though I'm prepared to spend $10k+, it seems like a crazy risk for products with serious issues (see above) and where I may end up hating the interface.

- Part of me thinks I should just buy a $2500 model that functions fine and looks minimalist and modern. And if I hate the interface or if it fails, I can replace three more times for less than the Wolf. I've had/used a lot of big brand ovens in my life, and honestly, they are typically really reliable - quick preheat, even temps. That's pretty much all I want in an oven, right?

With all that said.... is there a luxury wall oven that isn't a gamble? That doesn't have a high likelihood of issues and has a good interface?

Or does my plan of buying something lower price make sense? And if so, can anyone recommend a run of the mill double oven where the interface is good? That a cook will actually enjoy using?


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