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'Orange Mothersday' is a real sport!

Literally. For some reason I looked up its lineage and was astounded to see that not only was it a sport (no surprise there), but a sport of a sport of a the 7th degree, by my count: 'Orange Mothersday' (1956) is a sport of 'Mothersday', which is a sport of 'Dick Koster', which is a sport of 'Anneke Koster', which is a sport of 'President Hindenburg', which is a sport of 'Greta Kluis', which is a sport of 'Echo', which is a sport of 'Tausendschon' (before 1906). I know polyanthas sport a lot, but this seems extreme -- sort of like unpeeling the layers of an onion. I wonder if there are others even sportier? My other polyantha pot pet (the soil here doesn't suit those of the multiflora persuasion) is 'Lady Reading', which is only a single-level sport of 'Ellen Poulsen'. I greatly enjoy both of them, by the way, as they always seem to have flowers and are pretty much trouble-free. 'Orange Mothersday' didn't have much bloom in time for Mother's Day this year, but she's going now:

The other roses in pots in this shot are Ralph Moore's 'Baby Austin' on the left and 'Petite Perle d'Or' on the right, both of them keepers as roses, too. The Dianthus is 'Odessa Orange Bling Bling' (very sturdy, long-lived and long-blooming and flamboyantly named).

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