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Carrots cut in rounds

4 months ago

Who doesn’t like carrots cut in rounds?

A really simple post but nevertheless I am intrigued to know if there are any others like me who really dislike carrots cut in rounds. I definitely prefer to take the time to cut them in chunks or small dice or rectangles. It is, of course a visual ’thing’.

I came to realise it was a ‘thing’ when watching a Nigella Lawson show. She said something like ‘please cut your carrots in dice, I can’t stand rounds unless it is in Gold Coin Chicken Soup’

This photo is of a meal my DH cooked... lamb chop over onions with blue potatoes, Swiss chard and carrots cut in rounds. I don’t know why but I would have enjoyed it more if the carrots were cut in chunks. Crazy Huh!

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