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Help with floorplan / laundry & kitchen

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

We've lived in our house for almost seven years and love the neighborhood, etc -- except our floorplan is terrible, and we're really feeling the pain with two young kids. It's an early 90's Colonial.

We are looking to:

1) Move the laundry out of the hallway from the garage -- but where could it go? I would love it upstairs, but I'm not sure if that's possible without exorbitant costs. We really need a mudroom/drop zone off the garage b/c we park both cars in there. All the shoes and backpacks end up right in the middle of the kitchen, or I walk over to the dining room and drop stuff there.

2) Renovate the kitchen eventually. Since we imagine this will be super costly, we're hoping we can deal with the laundry now and at least gain some functionality. We are not attached to having a formal dining room, as long as we can sometimes fit 6 people in the kitchen. (For now, we've done paint, light fixtures and hardware).

We could spend about $30k on the laundry now and about $100k on the kitchen later. Or, if you tell me that's not nearly enough, we can wait longer on the kitchen. We plan to stay here as long as possible. We're in a medium cost of living area with a hot real estate market.

We've loved living here, but I think the builder/architect was perhaps drinking when they designed this place. Please help, and let me know if you need more photos or info! Thanks in advance.

Edited to say that the kitchen is no longer green, at least -- updated pics below :)

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