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Madison Makes Masa

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

As many here know, I tend to take "from scratch" a little over the top some times. So, in order to make my own masa, the two Small Princesses helped me grow corn, a mix of Atomic Orange, Painted Mountain and Bloody Butcher. We removed the kernels from the cobs and dried them.

I "nixtamalized" the corn with some canning lime I had on hand from canning pickles, then ground it in the food processor. After some work on the texture of the dough, Madison pressed some tortillas.

The color made it a bit hard to tell when they were brown enough, LOL, but I cooked them on the cast iron griddle and we made fish tacos.

The girls wanted nothing to do with fish so I cut some tortillas into pieces and fried them for tortilla chips which were much better received. Note the jar of cheese on the counter behind The Small Princess? That was ignored entirely, the chips were eaten with no accompaniments and tasted much like Fritos, less like tortilla chips. I think we need to make them a bit thinner next time.

It was a fun project, but I need to plan ahead further next time, nixtamalizing the corn took all day as the corn is brought to a boil with the lime, then allowed to set for several hours.


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