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Pepper Workshop, Madison WI May 16th

8 years ago

Dr Dave is holding his Pepper Workshop at Paradigm Gardens at 10:00 AM on May 16th. He didn't have it last year because he moved to Minnesota, but he's brought it back for this year. It is free and he'll have 300+ different types of peppers for sale. I went two years ago and that is where I got my superhot varieties. I'm going this year and am not sure what to get. I'll decide when I get there, I guess.

At the last one, he did a presentation on chilies, their origins, and different fun facts. Then we tried samples of superhots. That was the first time I tried anything that hot, that wasn't a sauce. He also makes different dishes to sample. If you like chiles and are close to Madison, I'd definitely recommend it.

There is a FB event on Paradigm Gardens page. I don't know the rules of this forum, so I'll let y'all find it.

I'm not trying to advertise. If I were a chile grower, I'd want someone to tell me about this. :)

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