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Picking paint color before lighting?? Is that a mistake?

11 months ago

We don't have lights yet in these couple of rooms - we rewired the electrical but it's not hooked up yet to new box. My GC wants me to choose paint colors as the sheetrock and walls/trim is almost done. They go over to a window and holds up cards in the light to show me colors. In my mind that's bonkers right?

We have a 22x17 room w only 1 window (w a covered patio) in 1 corner so minimal natural light and we're adding 6 can lights. That's not going to be the same color on my wall on the dark side under artificial light.

I'm sure it's not "best practice" but is it typical w GC's - lol. I don't have a designer on board.

What are your thoughts.

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