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HELP picking exterior paint before June 1st!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello all! We just closed on a house in Aruba. To say we don't like current color is an understatement. :)

Any ideas on colors? I love cream.

We were thinking maybe...MAIN COLOR/BODY: Wook Skein SW-6148 Does Anyone have experience with this color? FRONT DOOR: Urbane Bronze. TRIM and GARAGE: : I have no idea yet! Maybe SW Creamy for the trim and garage? Anyone have experience with this color?

As far as the main house color, I don;t want basic beige, but I do not like grey either. I would love for the roof to pop. I heard Wool Skein is a nice beige. Modern. But, if anyone has a light beige or any other color opinion, would love to hear about it. Thoughts would be SO appreciated! Thank you in advance :)

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