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Paint color mistake - help!

14 years ago

I just had 70% of my house professionally painted and am not happy with the bedroom (thankfully everything else including my living room, foyer, and upstairs hall is great). After months of agonizing over paint color choices (and observing colors on the walls in all kinds of light, etc) I still made a mistake. :(

I selected Benjamin Moore's Handmade AF-325 for a bedroom and I just do not like it. It is neither calm nor soothing. My husband said it reminds him of drinking Orange Julius as a kid so he likes it. :) Anyway, I was trying to find a beige that would work well with a red vintage toile pillow and a red, beige and white throw that I have.

The color Handmade is definitely quite peachy-gold and clashes with the pillow and throw. On the upside, I have a white satin duvet and other than the toile pillow and throw I had virtually nothing else I absolutely had to use in this room.

So, having resigned myself to the fact that I cannot use the pillow and throw, can you help me find coordinating colors? I am not going to re-paint this room now and so must find some accessories to make it work.

I was hoping that all of you decorating gurus here could look at your online resources and/or Benjamin Moore fandecks (I have the affinity colors and classics decks) and brainstorm some color ideas for me. Again, I'm not painting walls, just looking for color ideas for coordinating pillows, blankets, art, etc.

Thank you! :)


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