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Easter small edible cake/cookie decorations? Where to buy?

11 months ago

I am going to make a dessert for an Easter get together. I may make a chocolate cake or whoopie pies and I am tring to find some pre-made small, edible decorations to go onyo the tops of the whoopie pies (or cake).

There are two challenges for decorating the whoopie pies

1) Finding an Easter-y or spring themed edible decoration/s readily available


2) affixing the decoration/s to the top of the (unfrosted) cake-y whoopie “pie” (caake like cookie texture.

Obviously I cannot use ”glue” and I don’t want to se eggwhite or anything else raw or quasi inedible or unhealthy. I also don’t wantto use toothpicks as there will be a couple of 5 and 7 year old children.

Can you folks give me some idea?

Here are some phoyos from the web that gave me ideas, but I’m not sure where to find the decoratioins (I’m in a rural area) and have not figured out a means to get thedecorations to stick to the top of the whoopie pie.

Photos next post.

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