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Chard: One seed, several seedlings, what do I do?

2 months ago

Every one of my chard seeds have resulted in multiple seedlings. (Last year, when I grew chard for the first time, I painstakingly separated most of them and grew them individually. And I ended up with waaay too many plants that I grew anyway and things got out of control.)

What is the best way to go about this? Should I remove (snip off) all but one? Many articles say to do so as a matter of course. Or do I just let it be and plant whatever came up as a bunch? I guess that would be what is called multi-sowing? Its a no-brainer to cut off any runty seedlings but some of them are groups of 3 or 4 robust seedlings.

What would one typically expect from growing one seedling in a spot vs multiple seedlings in a similar spot for Swiss Chard?

I know many of you have a lot of experience in this regard. What do you say?


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