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i got seeds, what do i do now????

16 years ago

I have never, in about 15 years of growing ALocasias, had one actually set seeds.

But I went out to the greenhouse today, and one of the Alocasia gagnea variegated had this kewl seedpod on it (see photo).

What do I do now? Should I plant the seeds now, or do they need to dry out or something?

I have no idea what this plant crossed with. There are several other alocasias in the GH that are always blooming as well as other aroids...Lasia spinosa was in bloom, ALocasia macro albo-variegata, Alo "Stingray", Alo lauterbachii, as well as several anthuriums...will alocasia cross with other aroids??

Please advise what to do with the seeds, I'd like to try to grow them and see what happens.


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