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Hoya planter project

I bought one of these pots and I really loved the look of it with my australis in it.

But I soon realized the problems with it. No drainage! I was able to pull the nursery pot out and tip it to drain. But it just became cumbersome after a while. But I like the idea of a long hoop trellis attached to a pot that you can hang rather than having it have to sit somewhere.

I love these plastic pots for my hanging hoyas. They are small, a 4" nursery pot sits perfectly inside if you want that. And I can water thoroughly at the sink, then tip the pot to drain the excess that's in the little saucer before I hang up again.

But they have three connectors to the pot and they don't really make a good "trellis".

So my brain spent way too much time today trying to figure out some way to do this. I thought if I could use one of the hang holes on top and then make another one on the opposite side. Then I'd create someting with wire to go in those holes, shape it into a hoop trellis with a loop for hanging. Like this (excuse my poor drawing skills).

Time to go to Home Depot to explore wire. I'm thinking of using coated black wire just because I think it disappears into the plant better. Maybe two strands. That way I can put two strands through the holes in the pot edge and then bend each outward in opposite direction for better hold/stability.

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