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What non-hoya do you like or proud of?

14 years ago

I got this christmas/thanksgiving cactus from my aunt's (by marrage) mother, Sarah. Sarah had given my aunt April a cactus like the one in the pictue and I went to her house and saw it and happened to ask where my aunt had gotten it. She told me and said her mom had another one she was trying to get rid of. Sarah gave me the plant and she told me she bought it for $2 dollars,(can't remember where) I couldn't believe it. Mine is way more lop-sidded than my aunt's was but I still love it and it is constantly growing everywhere. I can't wait for it to bloom! I have it growing in a north window.

Side view

Front view

I also like this small spider plant especially in this planter I think fits it well. The planter is very heavy and I bought it for my really top heavy hoyas but didn't have it occupied at the moment so the spider plant is using it for now. This is in a south window. It was outside still until this morning, thought I should bring it in before I forgot and that first freeze snuck up on me.

Please show and tell what non-hoya you really like or are partial to.


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