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Growing hoyas with no drainage. It can be done easily!

8 years ago

Have you ever had a cute planter that you would love to use, but thought you couldn't because it had no drainage?

I thought I would post this just to let folks know that you can grow some hoyas and most epiphytes in planters with no drainage holes.

Some would say drill a drain hole, but that is not always an option, as some ceramic pots are difficult to drill and may break during drilling.

So, here's the easy way.....

1. Purchase or mix your own chunky orchid mix (available at most big box stores or nurseries). This is a mix of bark, chunky perlite, styrofoam pieces, hydroton or small broken pieces of clay pots and hopefully a little charcoal to keep the mix sweet.

2. Buy some extra charcoal if your orchid mix doesn't contain it.

3. Buy some sheet moss for topping off the growing medium.

4. Place a few inches of orchid mix in your container, place you rooted plant (try to gently remove all or most of the soil from the roots) in the container and backfill with orchid mix.

5. Layer sheet moss over soil and tuck excess in around the edges. This allows you to turn the pot upside down to drain without losing your planting medium. You're done!

6. Now, to water simply fill the container with water and let sit for a minute of so. Then, place your hand on top of moss to hold it in place and turn it upside down to drain excess water.

7. Dry off the planter and place it back in your favorite bright spot and enjoy. No drainage tray needed! Beside, trays can be ugly and messy.

Some hoyas are more succulent in nature and like to be drier, so this would not be a good way to grow those. But, most hoyas, schlumbergeras, Epiphyllums and bromeliads can be grown quite successfully this way.

This is a pic of my selenicereus chrysocardium.

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