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Kitchen Layout Help

8 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

EDIT: Updated with a new plan thanks to @cpartist! Any input is greatly appreciated!

Hello! We’ve been working on reno/addition plans foreverrrrr. Mostly I just want to be done. This is not for the faint of heart! We recently made alot of progress in our addition plans, and the one big thing left is the kitchen. Posting our current proposed plan for review. We have 25’x11’6” (11’9” on pic is incorrect and needs to be fixed) for dining and kitchen with an opening from the mud room which we will use multiple times daily, so the footpath needs to be the path of least resistance.

Is this the best layout? Could it be improved? important things to note:

-I do not want to stand at my kitchen sink and look at the messy neighbors to the right

-need to be able to see backyard from kitchen

-Kitchen/dining cannot be expanded at all

-pantry is currently a front porch and will be a part of the new design

-gas stove, we’d like a hood and need a place for microwave

-Would prefer not to move every appliance far from where they are

-we are comfortable with a smaller walkway than the normal recommended

-would like an island, but not sure it fits

Thank you!

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