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Kitchen Layout Help - Pics & Cabinet Layout Supplied

12 years ago

We have been working on our kitchen for a few weeks and have posted a few times for suggestions already. Thanks to all who have helped us! I think we are pretty set on the following plan but want to see if there is anything we can do to make the design better. Below is the floor plan along with the pictures the KD sent our way. We have heard the pantry seems a bit large for the space and have considered making it smaller but still want to have plenty of space for all of our needs. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information. The cabinet "codes" may be a bit off (ie i put 16B and it might actually be a 15B but overall the codes are just the dimension sizes.

Additional info:

- we are considering opening up the wall another 1-2' in the foyer / living room to make the access from the foyer / downstairs area easier to reach the kitchen

- we are considering opening the wall another 12 - 16" between the living room / dining room to allow for the dining room table to fit through it for holiday parties.

- the pantry depth is 13"

- there is approx 50" between the peninsula and the pantry

- we are considering a counter depth fridge to get rid of the fridge bump out.

- we are going with a 36" Range (most likely the Electrolux Induction cook top w/ convection range).

- the 24" cabinet on the peninsula is for a microwave drawer

- there is going to be a 13" overhang on the peninsula area to allow for seating.

1st Floor Layout:


Kitchen Designer Screen Shots:





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