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Kitchen Layout Help ( yet another plea for help!)

12 years ago

Hi there,

Yes another appeal for help from the experts here on GW. We are completely gutting our kitchen and adding on per the plan attached.

We have our permit but need to finalize the kitchen design. This layout doesn't include a window on the range wall, and some sort of window on fridge wall, which we will be adding. The question is should the double ovens go next to the fridge or move them over to the tall pantry area next to the dining entrance. Does it make more sense to have landing area (counter) next to the fridge or would the island work? And appliance decisions still trying to justify 1 36" range and electric oven/steam convec on the double oven wall ( I know shouldnt buy all of one brand just to get the discount i.e BS rangetop and wolf ovens). Also debate between 48 fridge and 36" - all fridge plus freezer drawers $$$) or less space 36 over/under.

Would love to hear from some of the GW veterans who have been through all of this before. This is our one shot dream kitchen so we are trying to make it count! Thanks in advance....

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