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"New" Thoughts on Cooking Chicken

CA Kate z9
last month

I recently read an article that said we were cooking chicken all wrong. They advised that low and slow were the way to go to give one the best tasting and best textured chicken.

An Experiment is in order!

So..... I browned two thighs and topped with my bean soup, popped on the lid and put the pan in the oven on low.

The article advised 200 degrees for 3 hours; but if you were in a rush, then 325 degrees for 2 hours. So I did the former.

Upshot: the checken was fall-off-the-bone done. The meat was tender but stringy. What extra flavor there was came from the soup. IMHO, I don't think the chicken's flavor was any better than average. ( The beans were very good. )

I guess braising it this way does work if you are busy and want to toss it in the oven, leave it all afternoon, and go about your business. But better? No. Just another way of preparing food.

( Personally, my favorite is Southern Fried Chicken. )

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