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Oven vent for tight space?

last month

A forum here was so helpful for our vintage kitchen design on a budget! Since then, we moved the refrigerator into the pantry area on the left (see first “before” photo)…a contractor extended the space a bit so it’s mostly recessed now. We’re redoing the vinyl floor to a similar black/white checkered pattern porcelain tile—and added a butcher block stable we had in storagebuffet will be added under the window.

  • And as you can see on the second photo, the oven doesn’t quite fit the space allotted, but that’s what we have to work with. We’re adding a soffit at the top, and will add an oven vent below that, with duct venting to lead outside.
    ❓ Question: Would a stainless cylinder oven vent work for this setup? (I think it would look much better than extending a hood over the oven, calling more attention to the window frame behind it.) We found one that has 940 CFM. Has anyone used a cylinder? Think it will be effective? Or do you suggest we install a built-in exhaust fan under the soffit?
    Thank you!

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